Z-Comfort for Snoring Reviews: Scam or Legit?



As someone who’s been battling with snoring for years, I’ve tried just about everything to get a good night’s sleep without disturbing my partner. It’s been a journey of trial and error, and frankly, quite a few disappointments. That’s why I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the ZComfort for Snoring mouthpiece.

However, after using it for several weeks, I’m genuinely impressed with the results. Not only has it significantly reduced my snoring, but I also wake up feeling more rested and energized. It’s a relief to find a solution that actually lives up to its promises, and I’m excited to share my experience with others who might be in the same boat.

What is ZComfort for Snoring?

ZComfort is an anti-snoring device designed to help individuals reduce or eliminate snoring during sleep. It is a mouthpiece that works by advancing the lower jaw slightly forward, which in turn keeps the airway open and enhances airflow, thereby reducing the vibrations that cause snoring sounds.

ZComfort Review

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How Does It Work?

The ZComfort device functions by gently shifting the user’s jaw forward, which helps to open up the airway more effectively during sleep. This advancement of the jaw prevents the soft tissue in the back of the throat from collapsing and vibrating, which is a common cause of snoring. The device is crafted from a soft, flexible material and is designed to be comfortable and easy to adjust to fit different mouth sizes.

The Pros of ZComfort

  • Effectiveness: Many users report significant reductions in snoring, which improves sleep quality for both the snorer and their partner.
  • Comfort: Designed with comfort in mind, ZComfort is made from a soft material and can be adjusted to fit various mouth sizes. It also allows for mouth breathing if necessary.
  • Ease of Use: The device is simple to mold to the user’s teeth and jawline, requiring only a brief soaking in hot water to become pliable enough to shape.
  • Safety and Quality: ZComfort is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, ensuring that it meets safety standards. It is also BPA and latex-free, making it safe for users with allergies to these materials.
  • Affordability: Compared to other anti-snoring devices and treatments, ZComfort is relatively affordable and offers a cost-effective solution to snoring.

The Cons of ZComfort

  • Adjustment Period: Some users may experience mild discomfort or soreness during the initial period of using the device as they adjust to the sensation of having their jaw advanced.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning is required to maintain hygiene, which might be cumbersome for some users.
  • Not Suitable for Everyone: Individuals with certain dental or health conditions, such as severe respiratory diseases, temporomandibular joint disorder, or those with full dentures, are advised not to use this product.

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How to Use ZComfort for Snoring

  1. Preparation: Begin by softening the ZComfort device in hot water (approximately 70-80 degrees Celsius) for about 30 seconds to make it pliable.
  2. Molding: After softening, place the device in your mouth and bite down for 30-60 seconds, allowing it to mold to the shape of your teeth and jaw.
  3. Cooling: Once the mouthpiece has been shaped, soak it in cold water for about one minute to set the mold.
  4. Usage: You can now use the mouthpiece during sleep. It should comfortably fit and help in reducing snoring by maintaining an open airway.

Is ZComfort Legit?

Yes, it’s legit. Numerous testimonials and user reviews reflect the effectiveness of ZComfort in reducing or eliminating snoring. Users have reported significant improvements in sleep quality and a reduction in snoring, which not only benefits the snorer but also their sleeping partners.

ZComfort is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, ensuring that it adheres to strict safety and quality standards. The materials used are BPA and latex-free, making it safe for users with sensitivities to these substances.

Beyond just reducing snoring, ZComfort is noted for potentially mitigating related health risks such as high blood pressure and heart disease, which are often exacerbated by chronic snoring. By improving sleep quality and reducing snoring, it contributes to overall better health outcomes for its users.

Where to Buy ZComfort?

You can get the ZComfort from the official store. It’s currently on sale, though I’m not sure for how long. I bought mine there, and I’m pleased with it. They shipped it out fast, and their customer service was top-notch!

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1. Is ZComfort comfortable to use?

Yes, ZComfort is designed with comfort in mind. It is made from a soft, flexible material and was specifically crafted by dentists to be comfortable for users. The device also allows for the freedom to open and close your mouth, which means you can breathe and talk normally while wearing it. However, some users may experience mild soreness during the initial adjustment period.

2. What are the safety standards of ZComfort?

ZComfort is FDA-cleared, indicating that it has been evaluated and approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. It is made from medical-grade, allergy-safe materials that are BPA and latex-free. The product is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.

3. How do I mold ZComfort to fit my mouth?

To mold ZComfort, soak it in hot water (70-80 degrees Celsius) for about 30 seconds to soften it. Then, place the softened device in your mouth and bite down for 30-60 seconds to create a custom fit. Finally, soak the mouthpiece in cold water for about a minute to set the shape. If the fit isn’t perfect on the first try, you can repeat this process up to three times.

4. How long can I use one ZComfort device?

Each ZComfort device is reusable and can last up to six months with proper care and regular cleaning. It is important to follow the cleaning instructions provided to ensure the device remains hygienic and effective.

5. Can anyone use ZComfort?

While ZComfort is suitable for many adults, it is not recommended for individuals with certain dental or health conditions. People with severe respiratory diseases, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), or those who wear full dentures should consult with a healthcare provider before using this or any other snoring solution.

What are the reported benefits of using ZComfort?

Users of ZComfort have reported numerous benefits including uninterrupted sleep, improved relationships due to reduced snoring, increased oxygen levels, and even a reduction in high blood pressure. These benefits contribute to overall better health and well-being.

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ZComfort Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 117 reviews)
Very good19%

May 9, 2024

Snoring or other breathing issues when sleeping is a thing of the past with this Anti-Snoring Mouth Guard. It’s not the most comfortable item to have in your mouth, but it doesn’t prevent a comfortable nights sleep.The most important thing? My wife’s happy she can sleep next to me. And I’m happy when she’s happy.

Avatar for DLBuschman
May 7, 2024

So far this mouth guard appears to be a great solution. We documented a few none snoring nights when it’s used.

Avatar for Robinio Bailey Easley
Robinio Bailey Easley
May 1, 2024

This worked for me starting from the first night. I had an oral appliance before that was custom made costing several multiples more. When you have dental work done, the device had to be replaced. This device worked just as well and can be remolded if necessary. Finally, a great night of sleep. I am a medical professional and was dreading the alternatives of CPAP or an implanted device. Now I can just enjoy the sleep quality.

April 29, 2024

I don’t understand the complaints regarding the size of this mouthpiece. It’s the smallest and lightest device I’ve used in several years. Molded quickly and easily, fits firmly in my mouth, and lets a ton of airflow occur while sleeping. All at a real bargain if a price!

Avatar for Paul
April 28, 2024

Wife is sleeping better because I no longer snore.

Avatar for Ken Meeks
Ken Meeks
April 26, 2024

I am writing this review as the wife who has listened to snoring for 16 years. I didn’t have high hopes for this product, but am pretty satisfied. Does it work 100% of the way? No, but i absolutely have some nights where I don’t hear snoring at all. When I do hear it, it’s not as loud as before we got this product. My husband also has not complained of any pain or discomfort.

Avatar for Quinn
April 25, 2024

This actually works! It’s not very comfortable but I can sleep though anything. Your mouth stays open a bit. But it actually worked for me on the first night and is the only thing that has worked so far. Recommend at least trying.

Avatar for Soda
April 25, 2024

I was so surprised at how well this work. I haven’t snored at all since I started using this mouth guard. My boyfriend sleeps all night now.

Avatar for Corinna
April 25, 2024

I like the fit. Soft around teeth and gums so does not hurt. Soft material holds teeth good so stays in place better than others i’ve tried. Does it work? Too early to tell yet since sleep alone, but i have been feeling rested when waking up.

Avatar for Brian Marron
Brian Marron
April 20, 2024

Or the mold will melt off the device.This worked well the first night, as in there is much less snoring on the recording on my phone. Let’s see if it lasts the 6 months as advertised. I probably did leave the device in boiled water for too long because the bottom mold is starting to melt off the device (as seen in 1st pic) but overall the device looks really good after molding for $40.I adjusted the device with the lower forward more because my lower jaw slides backwards when I sleep so that’s why I snore. I am in my late 20s and my snoring is getting worse, which lead to my high blood pressure and sleeplessness. Hopefully this device will help me deal with that. I will try my best to come back here and edit this review as time goes on.

Avatar for Duy
April 20, 2024

This is the first product of this type I’ve ever used so I don’t have anything to compare it against. I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to use it because even normal mouth guards cause me to gag. I didn’t have that problem at all with this one. I haven’t gotten too aggressive with the settings, maybe 3mm, and using snore lab I can see it’s made a difference. It hasn’t eliminated it but greatly reduced snoring. My only complaint is it is very hard to see the marks to know what you’re set at. Would be nice if the lines and arrows were in black.

Avatar for IdahoBiker
April 17, 2024

I was told I snore quite frequently, after molding and adjusting, this guard works very well. Took a week or so to get used to it but not bad.

Avatar for Andy Juelich
Andy Juelich
April 15, 2024

This is my second purchase from this product. I bought the first about two years before (as a spare device and for travelling replacement to my earlier, prescription device from an other manufacurer). Meanwhile, the prescription device is more or less worn out (after about 24 months’ use) and I assigned it as spare one, and I have been using regularly ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for about 8 months. This particular second purchase means a back-up to all previous models (and I will start using it if the previous one seems to be starting wearing out. It took quite some time to get used to it: I have experienced most of the complaints written on this platform, including salivation, rigidity of lower jaw for half a day etc., but I soon got through with them, as most of these had to be overwhelmed with the previous (prescibed) one. From now on, I will be able to get used to it within weeks if not days. Apart from snoring my main indication was sleep apnea, which was a mild one and it was completely eliminated with any kind of mouthguard I have used (and got used to it) up to now. I only have to use any of the devices on basic adjustment (the least protrursion is required for both my apnea and snoring). I still snore a bit when lying on my back, but much less and no apnea (I am lucky with my light case, but I suggest consulting a somnologist doctor, who will help to decide if this kind would be enough. He/She might prescribe you a slightly more comfortable-to-wear mouthguard, and after getting used to it, you can still decide to switch to this type, which will appear only a little bit less convenient to begin with. I try to go on with this type, as long as available, as its durability, and usefulness seems to be in line with its price. (Sorry I am not a native speaker of English).

Avatar for Aranykuvik
April 11, 2024

I’ve had sleep issue my whole life. I’m a 48 year old man who got a cpap machine about 3 years ago. The cpap machine helps me sleep consistently, but it’s very uncomfortable so I usually take it off while I’m sleeping. With my cpap machine I consistently sleep 4-5 hours, which for me is good because my body really only needs about 6 hours of sleep.In February I went on a ski trip to Keystone and shared a room with a friend. I didn’t bring my cpap machine with and my friend said my snoring kept her up if she didn’t go to sleep before me.I’m now on a trip to Boston with two other friends sharing a room. I started looking for alternatives and found this mouth guard which is says it’s anti snoring. I ended ordering it and got it two days before my trip. My friends said they didn’t hear me snoring.The first night I slept 7 hours 5 minutes and only woke up once. I was also on-call for work and exhausted so I tried it the next night to get a better idea of how well it works. I slept 6 hours and woke up twice according to my Apple Watch. Last night I slept 6 hours.Now let’s go to the pros and cons. Pros inexpensive, easy to mold to your teeth and I’m getting consistent sleep and waking up feeling rested. It’s also easy to adjust. Cons, it’s a little bit uncomfortable at to be expected. After sleeping with it the last few days I do feel a little bit of bottom tooth pain. It’s not much and goes away quickly after waking up. The only thing I worry about is it causing issues with my teeth and jaw permanently. I’m going to take it to my next dental appointment and see what my dentist says but I’m definitely going to keep using it.

Avatar for Eric L
Eric L
April 10, 2024

Having tried a few other methods to reduce snoring, this little gem actually works.My fiancé was extremely hesitant about it because other methods didn’t work to reduce snoring.I tried this and was surprised to hear from my fiancé (and she’s extremely sensitive about noise or movement) that she was able to go ally sleep next to me because this stopped my snoring.While I’m finally happy to be able to sleep next to my fiancé in the same room, there is an issue with the mouth piece and that’s causing my teeth to be a little sore.While I followed the instructions on how to adjust the mouth piece to allow my teeth to sink in and mold, it does cause it to feel like my teeth feel sore.One other thing I will note as well, your mouth may become dry next following morning but I have grown accustomed to keep my mouth closed while sleeping and haven’t experienced this after the second or third night.

Avatar for albinomexi
April 6, 2024

At first, his product was a little difficult to get used to but once I did it works out fine. compared to a couple other products that I’ve tried. I have less discomfort when I wake up in the morning with my teeth.

Avatar for MonicaPilar
April 6, 2024

For the past few years by snoring has gotten worse, and my husband is a light sleeper. I would wake up in the middle of the night, constantly, and would discover my husband moved to the guest room.I’m no longer snoring, sleeping through the night, and I wake to my husband next to me.

Avatar for Customer
April 5, 2024

Very comfortable, easy instructions. My only issue was that seem to salivate more while wearing. I bougnt this more for the night guard (I grind my teeth) than for the snoring, but my husband says he hasn’t notices me snoring since I has been using this.

Avatar for Patricia B. Barnes
Patricia B. Barnes
March 31, 2024

This mouth guard is great it not only stops me from snoring but I feel like I breathe better and sleep much better

Avatar for J. Marino
J. Marino
March 30, 2024

We have tried everything to ease my husband’s snoring. This!! THIS actually works. He sleeps better, I sleep better, even the dog sleeps better. Try this before spending Beaucoup bucks elsewhere. We read some people had jaw pain from the mouth guard afterward. My husband has felt no pain, no stiffness or soreness. Sometimes it pops out of his mouth at night and he’ll start snoring. I nudge him, he feels around for it, puts it back in and back to peaceful sleep we go.

Avatar for Jeannette
March 30, 2024

I’ve used a number of different anti-snore devices throughout the years. I really like this product. Easy to mold, comfortable and effective with my snoring. Previously I’ve purchased products that cost more and weren’t as effective. I recommend this product.

Avatar for Charles Landon
Charles Landon
March 27, 2024

Wow..something so simple just works. It really pushes your lower chin forward and is uncomfortable to wear the first few days you feel like you are doing something wrong. But I can promise that it will help you STOP SNORING. If that is important to you than this will def work. Just go through the pain of having your chin pushed forward for a few nights and you will find it easier and easier to wear. Who knows maybe ill have a sexy jaw line too.

Avatar for Aly K
Aly K
March 25, 2024

Seems to work pretty well. The wife said I have not snored since using it

Avatar for bobby
March 25, 2024

I have bought these a few times and they really help for snoring.

Avatar for Customer
March 22, 2024

After the first night there was no relief of snoring. Tried again a second night and since then there has been no snoring. I first rated this a 1/5 but I have since had a change of heart. This is truly life saving

Avatar for Bridget David
Bridget David
March 22, 2024

I received my ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece yesterday, so my review follows one night of use. The boil and bite fitting was seamless. I left the jaw adjustment at 1 to begin with because I naturally have a slight overbite. I found the device to be a bit bulky in my small mouth, but managed to fall asleep as normal. I woke up feeling refreshed and my Sleep App showed no snoring, (confirmed by husband) only 5% wakefulness and a 92 sleep score. My normal sleep scores average around 75 with 18% wakefulness which is caused by my snoring. My husband’s sleep scores should improve as well. My only complaint is the appliance is large for my small mouth. They advertise that it’s not suitable for small mouths, so I was warned. My teeth were a little sore in the morning, but that disappeared in about an hour. I will continue to use until they come out with a smaller version.

Avatar for Pam Knauer
Pam Knauer
March 21, 2024

My wife says I hardly ever snore with it in my mouth and it’s usually only when I turn on my side.

Avatar for Keith
March 19, 2024

My wife has been using this a week…and it really works. I was very surprised, but I slept better this last week than I have in years!

Avatar for Clint
March 19, 2024

There was a noticeable positive difference from the first night, and it has been a consistent result. There is a clear difference if I forget to wear it. Compared to nasal dilators, which would work one night, but not the next, the results are far more consistent. It took a couple of nights to get used to it. I recommend, after you get it fitted, just wear it for a little while to used to the feel, so it is not something you’re fighting against at night. Also, for me, I did not have to make a very aggressive adjustment to the mouthpiece (e.g. push the lower jaw out). I have a natural overbite, and even with that neutral “non-adjustment”, the mouthpiece still made a noticeable positive difference. I checked with my dentist after using it for a little while to make sure it would not cause any issues with teeth / bite alignment, and while they noted the size, they stated if it’s working, keep using it and saw no potential issues or problems.

Avatar for Troy gies
Troy gies
March 17, 2024

My husband has kept me up for a few nights, he refuses to get a c pap so this was an alternative. It really works! Now when he forgets to wear it at night I know and he says it doesn’t bug him to wear at all

Avatar for Sylvia
March 14, 2024

Somebody took the time to engineer this device properly. Long time sufferer from sleep apnea (unable to adjust to a CPAP) I recently was waking up almost everyday with headaches and dizziness. The first time I tried this device I awoke with no headache and that has continued for days now. I tried other devices none have worked this well. This one allows for more air breathing volume. In fact I actually modified others to allow more air flow they were so restrictive. Also it’s easily adjustable – a must have feature to fit your specific need. Great price at $40 – compare to a dental appliance of like $2,000 that might not work for you. I highly recommend you try it if you’re can’t tolerate the CPAP. You will have to get used to the initial discomfort, give it time you won’t be sorry.

Avatar for Cartrax
March 11, 2024

Easy to set up and comfortable to use. Previously I used a different brand that costed $20 more than this and consistently broke after 4 to 6 weeks. The bottom half would separate and it was impossible to fix it. This product, in comparison, has been perfect! The bottom half is fully integrated, so it cannot separate and it is much cheaper! I have been using it for a couple months now without any problems. I am fully satisfied.

Avatar for Customer
March 11, 2024

I rarely write reviews, but this truly works. My snoring was significant other mouthpieces only had limited effect and were so uncomfortable. This one truly moulds and is as comfortable as one can be. Most of all, snoring is essentially gone! Don’t hesitate to try this one!

Avatar for DLM
March 8, 2024

I am a new user of this item I’ve used it about five nights so far. And it seems to be working, I have a cpap machine and it is a pain in the you know what. This little inexpensive device seems to be working but I do need more feedback from others to make sure I’m not snoring with it. If this ends up working correctly I think it may put a serious dent into the cpap machines. I also understand based on comments I read where others have problems with this device. I am not one of those. It fits well, was easy to create the impression in the item as needed. I even bought a second one that I will have on hand in case I lose this one. Again if this works I am and will be a big fan. & Also I have continued to use it and am still a BIG FAN. Feed back from my GF says it is working. Also I have discovered a little trick that helps keep it in place. By sucking out the air and using my tung e to close the gap it created a suction that locks it in. I customized the fit to bring the lower jaw forward to be as minimal as possible helping long term comfort.

Avatar for A. Eban Lieberman
A. Eban Lieberman
March 7, 2024

This product has been a Godsend! My husband snores incredibly loud every night, and we have tried so many different devices and tricks, however, none worked until this product! As soon as he puts this in the snoring stops, and I can go to sleep! We are on our second one however, that’s only because the dog found the first! If you’re like me and can’t sleep because of your husband snoring, I highly suggest you buy this product

Avatar for Alisia T
Alisia T
March 7, 2024

I (my wife) needed a solution to my snoring and so I chose this product because of its price and reviews.I am glad I did. The product works. It’s fit is as comfortable as you would think wearing a mouthpiece to bed would be but I got used to wearing it in about a week and I haven’t had any problems, pain or discomfort.

Avatar for Tom
March 5, 2024

My husband snores terribly, but would not wear a c-pap machine. I purchased this product as a Christmas gift. It works fabulously! He still snores a bit sometimes, but nothing like the deafening snores there were before. He misplaced the original (got caught up in the sheets), and we immediately ordered a back up. He won’t sleep without it. A perfect, portable, easy solution.

Avatar for Sherri L.
Sherri L.
March 4, 2024

I work in sleep medicine. This is the oral device we recommend to our patients. GET A SLEEP STUDY FIRST! For most people, if you are snoring to the point that you are looking at products, you probably have more severe issues. These only help with benign minor snoring and CANNOT treat sleep apnea. Also consult your dentist as these devices can shift your teeth.

Avatar for Adam
March 4, 2024

my husband recently started snoring so loudly it was really affecting my sleep. impulsively bought him this in the middle of the night as i laid on the couch bc his snoring was so bad. this product works! it’s like someone turned the volume down on his snoring😂 admittedly he does complain of it being a bit uncomfortable and he wakes up with a very dried out tongue. however overall it serves its purpose and i think it’s worth the buy!

Avatar for Customer
March 3, 2024

It works. Complaints have gone down, no more getting elbowed at night. It is easy to mold, I have some gum soreness but nothing terrible. Is much more comfortable than other guards I’ve used.

Avatar for Judy
March 2, 2024

I snore like a drag car at an NHRA event. I figured I would give this a shot, but I was reluctant to because I have tried other mouth guards and had zero luck. However, this one has done well for me and it was easy to mold to your mouth. I almost stopped using it pretty quickly though. It was causing me to have jaw pain and my teeth were sensitive for hours after an all night use. I decided to push through some of the discomfort because I wanted some relief in other aspects.I was constantly waking up with headaches and always seemed drained after a full nights rest. Since I have become use to wearing it all night, I can’t sleep without it. I didn’t realize how negatively my snoring was effecting my sleep.I have tried several other guards and I didn’t have much luck. It is a little bulky and takes some getting use to, but you get use to it quickly. It is worth the shot if anything.

Avatar for David Watson
David Watson
March 1, 2024

I bought this device after trying another highly rated one and had to stop using it due to intense teeth pain the entire next day. Got this one, followed the instructions to form it to my teeth and it stopped my snoring the first night. I use the SNORELAB app and the difference is amazing.

Avatar for dengle
February 29, 2024

I had a previous mouth guard that was custom made. I have bruxism. After 10 years or so it started to fall apart. I had paid about $500 for it and decided I wasn’t going to pay that again. So purchased this one and it serves me just as well.

Avatar for LORRYANN
February 25, 2024

My husband has peace of mind and can now rest. Good product. It takes awhile to get used to

Avatar for Clarissa Tillman
Clarissa Tillman
February 24, 2024

My husband’s snoring was so bad we were unable to sleep in the same room. He was tired during the day due to not having a good night’s sleep and constantly waking up due to inability to breath. It’s been three nights, snoring is severely reduced, he feels more rested and I get to sleep peacefully. Worth every penny

Avatar for Bianca Bailey
Bianca Bailey
February 21, 2024

My husbands snoring stopped the first night we used this! We tried the headband, the nose strips, the nose clip and this was the last resort. We both slept great for the first time in months. He only complained mildly about a slightly sore jaw in the morning, but it’s not bad at all. I already recommended this to my friend for her husband.

Avatar for Lisa
February 20, 2024

I didn’t realize how bad my night sleep was before I got this! I followed the instructions. It took 3 times to get the guard to feel comfortable in my mouth. I slept all night! I woke up feeling like I actually slept! I had to share with all my friends my thoughts on this! It’s absolutely the best money I have spent in a while!

Avatar for lisa
February 16, 2024

I’ve haven’t been sleeping well waking up many times at night. My family all recently started complaining about me snoring. I naturally sleep on my side with my mouth closed so I couldn’t figure out why I was snorin. I finally decided to do something about it and bought this. Overall it works, it took getting used to having somthing in my mouth while I sleep, but it works. My only complaint is that my lower teeth hurt when I wake up. Since this prevents my jaw from going back while sleeping, I find it outs pressure on my lower teeth and I wake up feeling a little pain on my lower front teeth. Otherwise I sleep through the night and don’t wake up my family with my snoring.

Avatar for I bought this
I bought this
February 15, 2024

Definitely stopped my snoring. I do find that my jaw was a little sore at first but after a week or two it is better. You do drool a little but get used to that as well. I have worn a mouth guard for a long time so perhaps that has helped me adjust more easily. Well worth it!

Avatar for Cindy Burns
Cindy Burns
February 13, 2024

I don’t hear myself snoring, but my wife and Samsung Galaxy watch do. It detects my snoring and records it on my phone.I did some research and tried this device. I boiled water and placed it in there took it out dip it in cold water and bit into it to fit my mouth. I can’t believe it actually works. My wife does not hear a snoring, and my phone app that monitors my sleep does not hear it either.While sometimes I see 1.5 or 1 and 1/4 hours total of snoring a night, it now detects nothing. This morning it detected 4 minutes of snoring and that was due to the fact that I happened to take it out right before I was supposed to wake up. You have to get used to it and put it to your setting because your jaw could be slightly sore in the morning.There’s an opening that allows you to breathe. It takes a little getting used to and make sure you rinse it before and after each use. You don’t want last night’s bacteria going back into your mouth the next night.

Avatar for Portelos
February 10, 2024

I have tried tons of mouth guards over the years for teeth grinding/clinching due to how my jaw is set. I was desperate for relief and decided to try this one as I’ve never tried one that has a mouth guard for both top and bottom teeth. It’s the first time one has worked for me and prevented me from grinding/clinching my jaw at night. It’s very large and I wish it was a bit smaller, and I had a hard time adjusting it so I just used the default setting which miraculously worked for me (otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it), but I got my first good nights sleep that I can remember last night when I wore it for the first time. They could definitely make some improvements to make it smaller and more comfortable but I highly recommend trying it. It opened up my airway too and I could tell I was breathing so much better and didn’t wake up constantly throughout the night like I normally do. Very glad I bought this!

Avatar for Sarah
February 7, 2024

I was skeptical in trying this, but I wanted to start somewhere. This device does work, it’smoderately uncomfortable, but it works. The more I use it, the more I’m able to sleep without removing it in the middle of the night. It’s a quick and affordable fix.

Avatar for Customer
February 1, 2024

I’ve had this mouthpiece for a few years now. It fits my mouth really well, but there’s no way it would fit in my wife’s mouth. I don’t use it every night, but I do use it occasionally when I’m sick and start to snore. It really does help keep my jaw into a position that I don’t snore, but I do wake up with a sore jaw after the first few nights every time I start using it again. This is really something you should stick with for a week+ to get used to it. Would definitely recommend if you’re having trouble with snoring.

Avatar for Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson
January 31, 2024

This mouth piece reduced my SnoreLabs App score from a consistent 139 to 141 down to a consistent 81 to 89. The lower the score the better. I’ve experimented with chin straps, tongue suppressor pacifier bulb thingys, nasal septum pinchers, and adhesive nose stickers. This is the only product that has worked to reduce my snoring significantly. It’s still not great but cutting my score in half the first time I tried it and I’m obtaining the same consistent results night after night. My wife has confirmed the loudness of my snoring is now manageable and unless something else wakes her up she’s able to get a good night sleep only when I use this device. So it’s a winner for me. Only giving 4 stars because I’m still snoring through the night, just not nearly as much or as loudly. Trying a neck brace snore device which I received today from ZComfort and this mouth guard. Hoping the double-up treatment will get my score on Snore-labs even lower. Will provide an update on the neck device later this week.

Avatar for JRMaas
January 14, 2024

Holy cr@p. I took a chance on this to help with snoring, and it actually works. I had been waking myself, and my entire family, up with my snoring. The snoring app on my phone said that I snored 60% of the night and at “epic” noise levels. I bought one of these. First night – zero snoring. Amazing. Really. I’m not getting paid to write this.

Avatar for Dennis Faucher
Dennis Faucher
January 14, 2024

I bought this one to try, been snoring loud and bought to see if it will work. The first time, my wife did not seem bothered by my snoring, and the second time, my wife was awake and told me that i did not snore. I think it works and i will keep using it, I think there is a need to get use to it because, your mouth will be sore specially palate after using it for the first few days, you will also salivate more than usual.

Avatar for Fernando Cayabyab
Fernando Cayabyab
January 11, 2024

This should have been purchased for my husband years ago. He has sleep apnea big time. The VA has done minimal work with him. The CPAP machines are a nightmare. He even got an issue with his sinus cavities cauterized. First night in he was sleeping soundly…..AND SO WAS I. This is expense vs what a dentist is working up to create that will do the same thing….crazy. If you have tried everything, please get this. The first night was getting used to according to my husband but it was not unbearable. He uses it every night.

Avatar for artgirl
January 10, 2024

I don’t write reviews often, but I felt compelled to because this product is truly worth and worth five-stars.I’ve always had a bit of a snoring problem and in recent years it’s gotten progressively worse, to where my wife has been having trouble sleeping because of it. I’ve gone to sleep specialists several times to test for sleep apnea and was told I didn’t have it, and getting a CPAP machine felt unnecessary.I researched around and found this product. It truly gets the job done because it actually forces your jaw to move forward, which was the root cause of my snoring. I haven’t snored a single time since using it. My wife loves it.The only downside is it can be uncomfortable at first, because your jaw and teeth have to get used to essentially an entirely new way of resting while you sleep. Once you get used to it, it’s not bad. Just adjust the placement until you find what fits best for you.

Avatar for Robbi S.
Robbi S.
January 7, 2024

I am changing my initial review as after reading the included warning I thought that having cap’s prevented me from molding the guard for my mouth. But my snoring is so bad that I decided to mold and give it a try and it works. My Autistic son normally wears ear covers at night when I sleep because I snore so loudly but he reported that I didn’t snore at all. So I apologize for my initially bad review and hope it didn’t deter anyone, cause this thing works. So happy cause we are preparing for an overseas trip and I didn’t want to annoy everyone on the plane with my awful roaring snores on the way home. Thanks for this product. Give it a try. It helped stop my snoring.

Avatar for walt oldham
walt oldham
December 31, 2023

Hello, I don’t write many reviews although this is a game changer for me. I have been snoring for a while and as I have gotten older it is worse. After being woken up again, and again by my husband, for my loud snoring I just became very angry at him for disturbing my sleep. I decided to take a chance on this mouth guard . I had Invisalign before so I know this wouldn’t disturb my sleep too much. The first night sleep was amazing, I woke up refreshed and rested. My husband was happy. This may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try for a great nights sleep. I have a smaller mouth and It is easy to mold to your mouth with a video tutorial. I hope this review is helpful. Good Sleep is Priceless $$$

Avatar for Teresa Garcia
Teresa Garcia
December 30, 2023

I’ve tried several mouthguards over the years, but this one seems to be the best I’ve used in both comfort and reduced snoring. It’s a bit expensive compared with some models, but it is worth it in the long run. Here are my observations:Moulding process: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! The included printed instructions fail to mention how long to leave it in the hot water, but both the video and the description on ZComfort say 60-90 seconds. I used 80. Make the small investment of time to watch the video to avoid mistakes that WILL affect fit, comfort, and performance. Although it seems large at first, if moulded properly, it will be quite comfortable compared with other brands.Adjustment: I like the fact that you can move the bottom plate forward, if necessary, but don’t overdue it. I recently did that on one that didn’t mould perfectly to see if I could make it more effective. My wife said I was snoring more with that guard than any previous moulds. The problem is that if your jaw starts to ache while you sleep, you drop your teeth out of the bottom and defeat the purpose of the mouthguard entirely. I just got a fresh new guard and got a better mould. It works much better.Longevity: I recently moulded my 7th mouthguard in 4 years, so I would plan on about 6 months per guard. $75 per year to reduce snoring and get my wife back in bed with me is a good investment.Comfort: Better than any other mouthguard I’ve used.Snoring reduction. Works most of the time for me.Bottom line. I still think this is one of the best on the market and worth the price. I often recommend it to friends who struggle with snoring.

Avatar for dgs
December 30, 2023

Following a severe upper respiratory illness, I am now a very loud snorer! My poor wife had been complaining, so I needed an option for better sleep. I tried this device based on reviews.Directions for setup were pretty straight-forward. It completely stops my snoring, and as an added bonus, when I’m sick with sinus conjestion, i can now sleep soundly because breathing through my nose is no longer an issue! My level of sleep has improved significantly and I wake up feeling much more rested.What I hate about it is some basic comfort stuff. When wake up in the morning I can’t wait to take this thing out of my mouth. I do find it rather uncomfortable after 6-8 hours of sleep. When putting it in at first, I have saliva forming in my mouth that wants to go somewhere and there’s nowhere for it to go. Also, there seems to be no place to rest your tongue while it’s in there, so that’s always a bit awkward. Like i said, I HATE this thing so much, but it works so well so I will continue using it and hope I get used to it. It’s been 3 weeks so far, but the benefits have been overwhelmingly positive, so I’ll have to live with my hate

Avatar for gargamel314
December 21, 2023

I’ve been using the mouthpiece for about nine months. It gives me a dramatic improvement in the quality of my sleep.I have obstructive sleep apnea and, without the mouthpiece, I snore and wake up frequently. Based on a sleep study, I was apparently waking up dozens of times a night, and several times that I would remember. I would rarely get enough sleep to feel well rested. However I didn’t qualify for any medical device because my blood oxygen level would not drop to a level that would endanger me.Now that I use the product I sleep much better, and can certainly give it the credit that is due. It is now rare for me to be awoken during the night because of difficulty with my breathing .The complaints I have are the ones you might have seem from other reviews. The mouthpiece is large and takes a lot of getting used to. For the first couple weeks it feels painful. Even after it stops causing pain, you may subconsciously find yourself salivating, chewing on it, and spitting it out as you sleep. You really have to stick it out for a while, before you will start appreciating it. Now I can hardly think of trying to go to sleep without it.There is another thing I had discovered after using the product for the first few months. The adjustment mechanism weakens over time. The mechanism is a sort of zipper that is intended to keep your lower jaw in a fixed position. After a while the zipper will sometimes slip, and this adjustment mechanism won’t hold the setting that you’ve selected. That is one reason you may have to replace the mouthpiece on a regular basis. It is probably safe to assume you will need to replace it several times a year.On the whole I think it is a great product, and easy to travel with as well.

Avatar for DKB
December 10, 2023

I had been getting bad sleep, even head aches in the morning and decided to try what I thought would be a gimmick of a product. Started off by buying a snoring app for my phone and ordered this product. You can see I was pretty bad. First night after receiving the mouth piece, I woke up feeling soo much better than I had been feeling. My jaw felt a little like I had been doing extra curricular activities all night long but not horribly so. It should get used to being in an opened position and I wont notice it at all in a few days. I am sold!! So much so, I’m writing this review first thing Sunday morning. This thing really WORKS!!Photos : Wed, Thurs, (forgot to set Friday), and Saturday (first night with mouth piece)

Avatar for Chadlyo
December 8, 2023

I’ve been using this device, on-and-off, for about a month now. There is some prep work needed to fit it properly to the dental structure of the mouth – there are several YouTube videos showing how best to prepare the device for your dental impression. After that, getting used to the device can take time, so be patient. In my case, the first few days were pretty uncomfortable. You’re going to be sleeping for several hours with your jaw held in a non-normal position – so expect some soreness in the morning, which goes away after a short time. After using the device for several weeks, I no longer wake up with a sore jaw and my wife says that my snoring is completely gone while wearing it.

Avatar for Noreladim
November 30, 2023

Bought this product because I have sleep apnea and hate using my CPAP. It is easy to mold and fit great. I move my mouth alot while sleeping and this stayed in place but so to mouth movement it hurt my teeth. It worked magic. I actually didn’t snore and felt like I actually slept.Sadly, not even two weeks of use it started to fall apart. Glue holding teeth guard came off hard plastic piece.For the teeth pain and falling apart I have it a four.

Avatar for Rebecca
November 28, 2023

I’ve had some snoring issues for a few years now and my wife had finally had it (can’t blame her) so I began what seems like an endless search for the right remedy. In a nutshell, I’ve tried the supposed “top three” mouthpieces out there with varying results, none of which were pleasant and/or solved the problem. Each of the ones I tried were either ill-fitting, poorly designed, or left my teeth screaming the morning after from poor fit and function…now I was the one up half the night, tossing and turning in the dark with aching teeth, an abnormal jaw pull and drooling all over myself. Miserable.I decided to give it another try and bought the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece with some steep optimism after research and scouring the reviews. The long and short of it is this is THE BEST product out there. Hands down.THE DESIGN:The design of this mouthpiece is thoroughly detailed and the function is perfect, with levels of adjustability even after forming it. It is definitely NOT some molded, cheesy piece of junk to squeeze into your mouth.MOLDING IT:Molding it was quick and simple and the molding material is very robust and adequate so that your teeth fit squarely within the soft mold, not up against the hard plastic edges. Overall, the trays for your teeth are more than adequate while not being too big or uncomfortable. PRO TIP….when you mold it to your teeth, don’t bite down on it like you’re trying to bite through a piece of granite; apply even pressure and depth slowly, so that you get a comfortable, natural fit. I’ve made the mistake with others and once you bite down too far, that stuff doesn’t bounce back…you’re stuck and it won’t fit right or naturally. They all say they can be re-molded a second time if you screw it up, but if you take care the first time, it will fit great and not lose it’s form and feel sloppy.SO HOW WAS IT?Last night was the first night with it and all I have to say is….INCREDIBLE. It not only fit perfectly and naturally, but the excellent design and function of this device allowed me to comfortably wear it all night, fall asleep with no issue whatsoever and not a single bit of drool or other effects/discomfort. The best and most important part of all….NOT. ONE. BIT. OF. SNORING. Because of this, I woke up this morning having had one of the best nights of sleep in a long, long time and my teeth didn’t ache or shift one bit.I’m just one guy and my results might not be the same as everyone’s but I was literally at the end of my rope with finding the right answer and the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece has delivered, ten-fold. If anything changes, I’ll update here again but for now, I anticipate many more great nights of sleep and my wife couldn’t be happier too, so win/win on that!Cheers!

Avatar for Customer
November 20, 2023

Here’s my story!! I’m a 52 yr old woman, not overweight, who snores VERY bad!! I didn’t realize how bad/embarrassing it was until I downloaded SleepLab!! Ohhh my!! I was scheduled for a sleep study, but decided to try a mouthguard first. I’m SOO glad I did as I wasn’t excited about maybe having to wear a Cpap!! I have straight, pretty teeth but have an overbite. Did a baseline without the mouthguard, my Sleep Score was 85!!! That’s very bad!! When u play it back for the first time & hear urself, it’s unbelievable & embarrassing!! Then, with the mouthguard, my Sleep Score was 11!!! 25 or below is good! Listening to the recordings, I might snore a bit every now & then, but it doesn’t reach “Epic” levels!! I even had a 0 Sleep Score one night with the mouthguard!! My sinuses feel clearer, my neck pain has improved some(I think from keeping my jaw pushed forward)I do feel a bit more rested during the day & my BP has improved!! My teeth & jaw are a bit sore when I get up, but that passes quickly. I have not made any adjustments to the mouthguard to bring my jaw forward yet & may not have to! Wish I would have found this year’s ago!! It is big & not attractive!! Lol!! This is the first time doing a review, but had to share how much it has truly helped me!!

Avatar for Carla
November 14, 2023

THE KEY IS MOVING THE LOWER SECTION A BIT FORWARD AND USING IT CONSISTENT!!I was snoring heavy throughout the night and disturbing the entire household. Was feeling fatigue whole day despite of sleeping well. Was Diagnosed with mild sleep apnea couple of months back. Doc suggested dental device or CPAP. Given the convenience while travel, and since I already had teeth grinding, opted for dental device. However quoted $2800 by dentist and no money-back guarantee if it did not work. So thought of starting small and bought ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. The factory setting didn’t work that great and first couple of nights I felt uncomfortable , soreness in front teeth, jaw etc.. and snore didn’t reduce much. For cleaning, I separated the lower and upper and accidentally placed the lower section a bit forward (like a number 5 on the mark). That night there were zero loud snore!! The front teeth and lower lips were sore when I wake up, but went off after 3-4 hours. I contacted the manufacturer to make sure if the setting was ok and the soreness is ok. From his emails I realized that the key was getting that lower portion a bit forward (mine was at number 5) and one will get used to after few days of usage. I have been using this for more than a month and a sleep study was conducted with the dental guard couple of weeks back and yesterday the doc confirmed that the mild apnea was actually treated with the device (Though as manufacturer mentioned, please don’t take it for granted in all cases as treatment for sleep apnea). No loud snores at all and family is happy and we can all sleep together now :-). I am ready to bear any discomfort and soreness for the sake of family !! (I still have the fatigue, so might not be related to sleep apnea and something else but loud snore is cured). Forget the $2800 “Customized dental device” !!

Avatar for sunil
November 14, 2023

Like other snore aide products, it works differently on deferent people so maybe it will work for you.I like it as a replacement to what I usually use because it’s cheaper. Not too fond of the fact that you have to pull the two halves completely apart to adjust it. If you don’t make a mark of where your previous setting was you’re starting all over because the marks molded on the piece are next to invisible.The size of the piece is not the best. It fits my moth except that it’s a bit too wide and there’s noting that can be done about that. Once you mold it to your mouth it fits comfortably.

Avatar for Jag
October 10, 2023

I waited for a couple weeks to write this review, I wanted to wait until the adjustment period was over. There was some pain and discomfort for me for about 5 days but it is gone now. I think it was because my jaw was so out of whack from grinding my teeth at night that it had to readjust. I gotta tell you how much of a blessing this device has been for me! I was having sinus issues, jaw pain,headaches and sleep apnea and these issues are all gone in just 2 weeks! I look forward to wearing this each night. It is big for my mouth. I have a small mouth but even though it is big and I can’t close my mouth, there is no dry mouth issues. I don’t breathe through my mouth at all. Also there is no drooling. So…tips for getting through any adjustment pain and soreness: do jaw/mouth/tongue stretches right after taking guard out in the morning. Within minutes of doing a few simple stretches, the pain was reduced a great deal. Google stretches for mouth guard pain.

Avatar for Charolette L Stoehr
Charolette L Stoehr
October 4, 2023

Absolutely do not pass this up if you’re looking to quiet a loud snorer!! My husband had a Cpap machine and hated it, so it was returned. And let me tell you this man can saw some serious logs!!! While the dr had said he could try a mouthpiece, theirs are very expensive and take forever to get made. In the mean time we both suffered miserably trying to figure out a solution. I was sleeping on the couch and was still being woken up by his amazing performances throughout the night with the door closed! It was really beginning to wear on our relationship. We were both exhausted from lack of sleep. Irritable from being exhausted and my he was obviously upset by my complaints. We were both upset we were sleeping in separate places. We started looking at mouth guards online and thought to give the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece a try based on the reviews. Holy crap!! Best ever!! Does it eliminate all the snoring? No. But it eliminated 90-95% of it, and the gaping mouth, loud, choking himself awake every 15 seconds snores have almost completely stopped. Do I still occasionally have to say “babe, roll on your side”? Yes. But compared to how it was? I’ll take a few blips on the radar. He’s more rested and has more energy, no longer falling asleep as soon as he sits down. I’m back in bed sleeping soundly, no longer exhausted by his constant noise. It’s a win win! His only complaints have been that he drools with it in and it did make his teeth sore the first few nights. Other than that, he is floored that this has worked so well. We will definitely be keeping this bad boy at all times. And hey, it’s soooo much easier to travel with too!! No plugs, no lugging big equipment around. Just pop it in the case it comes with and toss it in your bag, done!

Avatar for Funny farm
Funny farm
October 2, 2023

The short version: works great, well worth the money, nice travel case, easy to figure out, no need for CPAP machine, feel rested.Long version: My doctor told me I needed an oral appliance. The doctors that offer oral appliances are not plentiful and the wait list can be months (I called 3 until I found one that could get me in within a month). None of these doctors were in-network. I went to an oral surgeon and they told me the cost would be $5,000 out-of-pocket after insurance. That didn’t include the MRI and X-rays that they wanted me to get first and they wanted an additional sleep study. It was cheaper for me to get a surgery than to get the oral appliance from the oral surgeon. They explained to me what all would be done.Not willing to pay that kind of cash I turned to ZComfort. I found this mouth piece. It was less than 1% of the cost of what the doctor wanted me to get. It essentially does the same thing and had good reviews. I didn’t have to go to a bunch of doctor appointments and wait weeks for the appointments. Where do I sign up?!?!? I figured even if it didn’t work it was worth a shot. I’m so glad I did.When I was reading the instructions they were nearly identical to what the oral surgeon was going to do. The difference, instead of going to the doctor to have it regularly adjusted, you adjust it yourself. It literally takes a fraction of a second! Just slowly work your way up to where you need to be. I no longer need to get the surgery either (something with shaving off part of the base of my tongue). I find my sleep is better than it is with my CPAP. I’ve even used both at the same time… better yet!Your teeth will feel weird, especially at first. You get used to it. When they don’t feel weird, that’s when you know it’s time to adjust it. I saw some comments that people had sore jaws. I did not experience that. I’d imagine they just needed to make the adjustments more gradually. You do have to clean it daily. You will notice as soon as you put it in your mouth if you didn’t clean it.What I don’t care for: it does make me drool on my pillow on rare occasion when my allergies are buggin’. Still is better than having a CPAP mask on my face. Nothing says unsexy like a giant CPAP mask!Added bonus: I travel a lot for work, carrying this instead of a CPAP is amazingly better. Lighter luggage, more room in my bag. I have TSA Pre-Check so I didn’t have to take my CPAP out but if you don’t have pre-check or pre-check is closed you have to take out your CPAP at security and put your CPAP in those dirty bins. Not with this mouthpiece. Just sayin’ is all.

Avatar for Daniel Calhoun Jr
Daniel Calhoun Jr
September 24, 2023

This does take some getting used to but it really does work. I’m female, 38 and just over 200lbs and have developed apnea. I snore when I’m over 180. . . I also grind my teeth and wear invisalign. I bought this mouth guard almost a year ago and wear it every night. It is large and takes some getting used to but it works well. I do wish a smaller version was available.Because I clinch during the day my poor jaw gets zero relief. The molding process was easy. I did it WITH my braces in and have had no problems when I switch trays. I started offsetting the guard at around a 3, then bumped to a 5 and now i keep it around a 7.Great product. Takes some getting used to. Wish it was smaller. I sleep great now and suffer without it.They do offer a free replacement with a 5 star review – I’m rating 5 stars because it is a great product. If it didn’t deserve 5 stars, I wouldn’t even bother. I forgot to mention that the first week I used the guard, I was waking up at 6 AM on my own. Completely refreshed and energized. . . Eventually I got used to the better sleep and need an alarm but my body responded to the more restful sleep immediately. Can’t wait to get a new guard! My current one is almost a year old and still works fine but I have chewed the rubber molding part some.

Avatar for Jijilovestacos
September 24, 2023

This is the best mouthguard I have used so far. I got diagnosed with mild sleep apnea a few years ago and my dentist made me a mouthguard that only goes on my front teeth that made my teeth sore. I paid $100 for that mouthguard which I didn’t like. I found this full mouthguard that is more comfortable on my teeth and works just as good or even better than the custom one that my dentist made for me. Plus it is way more affordable at $40. I get better sleep and feel well rested when I wake up in the morning. It does take two or three times to mold and adjust it to your best fit but it’s not hard to do. I highly recommend this to anyone that suffers from obstructive sleep apnea. 5 stars.

Avatar for Luis M
Luis M
September 5, 2023

I was putting off a sleep study for a while now but my snoring was getting worse and always felt tired in the morning. Had a home sleep study done and the device reported that I stopped breathing 22 times and hour. I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. So I then did the overnight study and it was a mess. Didn’t sleep and the tech kept just messing with the masks and pressure to where there was high pressure with a nose mask and as soon as I relaxed my tongue would relax and the pressure would shoot out my mouth waking me up. I’m waiting to talk to the pulmonologist about the results to come up with a plan. After reading about this mouth pieces, I practiced extending my lower jaw away from my upper and could tell it was putting some distance between the pallet and my airway so it made sense. I purchased the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece and tried it last night. I set it to 5 and then decided to go to 7. I’ve always had a problem with rubber texture and molds in my mouth and they made me gag so i was a bit worried. After creating the impression fitting, it fit really well and I didn’t have any issues with discomfort or breathing. I woke up feeling more rested then I had in a long time. I recorded the night and there was only random points of heavy breathing were i started breathing out of my mouth from my nose becoming stuffy from nasal spray wearing off. I’m going to play with the setting, but after one night I’m really impressed and what of feeling of relief. My wife said she slept through the night which is my gauge for how much I wake her up with snoring. My lower jaw felt naturally out of place after waking, but then felt normal after 15 mins or so. My teeth were a little bit sore but went away even quicker.

Avatar for Doug Evans
Doug Evans
August 27, 2023

Hello,I have been having recent sleep quality issues and have snored for a long time. I have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, and once upon a time used a CPAP until I had an outpatient surgery to improve my breathing. Over the last 6 months, my wife has commented on my increased snoring and I’ve been waking up with a dry mouth most mornings.I did not know about snoring mouthpieces until my dentist mentioned it to me. I may eventually get a dentist made one, but I wanted to try a DYI version first to see how I would tolerate it. I bought this mouth guard about a month ago. It was pretty easy to form, and I do encourage watching the video recommended in the packaging because the instructions are OK, but video is more helpful.One month into it, overall I’m happy with it. I am sleeping better. My wife says I’m not snoring which she likes. Also, I’m dreaming more which tells me I’m having more REM sleep cycles which is critical to have with regenerative sleep.The things I like about the product:*It works*Not hard to mold*Easy to cleanOther comments:*The mouth guard can be hard to see the settings on the side, but once it is set is not an issue*My teeth can feel sensitive after a night of using it. The trick is to practice clenching your teeth after you take it out. I’m also getting more used to the feeling overall.I hope this review helps. Quality sleep is a big deal.

Avatar for JW750
August 27, 2023

Yes, that’s correct. I went to a “sleep dentist” due to my mild sleep apnea and they wanted $3600 for a similar appliance. I’ve had this product a little over 1 week and I’ve already recorded my longest deep sleep (65 minutes) and highest sleep score (85) on my Galaxy Smart Watch ever. Also, my snore monitor records less than 10 minutes of snoring per night – sometimes nothing at all! Initial set up is easy – be sure to watch the video. I used setting “2” for my first 2 nights. I’d say it takes a total of 3-5 nights to truly get used to it! Don’t be discouraged if you can’t keep it in for the full first night! I gradually moved on to position 5 and plan to advance to 6 or 7 to see if I can bring my blood oxygen level up while sleeping. Seriously, if you have a snoring issue or difficulty getting much deep sleep, I can’t recommend this enough. In just 8 days, this has already paid for itself!

Avatar for Cordog
August 6, 2023

I’ve had a MAD identical to this that I bought 5 years ago. Gross looking after all this time but works fine. I flip it upside down due to having a more severe overbite. And I glue the two halves together to keep them from shifting, once I know exactly the setting I want. I put it in a little cup bath each day after rinsing. Occasionally hydrogen peroxide them to clean the appearance. Occasional alcohol bath just for extra germ protection.I fractured a tooth after a month use with that first one because it does put a lot of pressure on the teeth in order to work. So be careful. It’s not for everybody. In fact if you have implants up front then it may be a serious issue. I don’t know. I’d check out the CPAP option instead in that case. But this works great for me because I’m able to customize the unit to my liking. It fits perfectly after the boil and bite set up. In fact, I’ve reboiled a couple times to readjust after let’s say a couple years. No issues.So for me it does not pull on the teeth too much but does reduce and almost eliminate my snoring and get better air flow which means better sleep and mental health. I’m grateful for this thing.

Avatar for Eric Stampher
Eric Stampher
July 27, 2023

Works as advertised, I bought after I purchased one that was more like a football mouthpiece. It is a little better because it holds the mouth open a bit. The old guard was moving my teeth around and changed my bite.I think all mouthpieces change the bite in the morning, but this one can be reset in the morning to bring your jaw back to normal too.Some of the complaints are that it is large, maybe they didn’t heat it and form it to teeth. it is not too large for my mouth. and having it hold the mouth open a bit is more comfortable me and better for my teeth, as described above.Also, you can adjust the bite slowly so I think that will cause less pain as you get used to it, and you can set it in small increments so you only have to move your jaw forward the minimum required distance to get the affect you want. The other single piece mouthpiece I just had to jut my jaw forward and hope it was good and there was no way to adjust it. I ended up pushing it forward too far and it was hurting me.I do sleep much better with it.My only complaint is the price, seems a bit high for a small piece of plastic, but they say they will send a back up one upon request, so that makes the price better.A back up one is a good idea, last night it slipped out of my mouth while I was sleeping and I couldn’t find it, so I grabbed my old one, it would have been nice to have a spare good one by the night stand.

Avatar for Jared C.
Jared C.
July 25, 2023

This is the first product that I have left a review for. I have not been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea but my wife wanted to prove to me that I was momentarily stopping breathing and snoring heavily throughout the night. Ofcourse I knew I wasn’t getting the quality of sleep I needed but WOW after looking at the kasa camera recordings! I was gasping for air every few minutes. At this point I know its pretty serious and I need to take steps to find a solution. I’ve heard stories on CPAP machines and I wanted to try something else instead of going through hoops with insurance and doctor visits let alone I didn’t feel like I would be able to wear one throught the night. I just happened to see a commercial on a mouthpiece that was supposed to help with sleep apnea but it was one that a dentist would need to mold. I got on ZComfort and found good reviews on this one so decided to give it a try! First off IT WORKS! With that said it takes a few nights to get used to. Dont give up after your first night or so. Like others have stated…USE THE FACTORY SETTING. This moves your lower jaw forward just enough to keep your airway open. Your front top teeth will ache a little (not bad at all). Make sure your mold is deep enough your top teeth sit firmly on place of mouthpiece. Again dont get frustrated. The best approach is stay busy all day and be sure you are tired, ready and wanting to go to bed. This will help with falling asleep quick and giving you a shot at keeping mouthpiece in the entire nights sleep. I have recorded my first nights sleep. Wow wow wow…almost ZERO gasping and very few snores. I feel rested and alert. All that yawning is gone. This is one of the better products I have purchased in a long time. I promise you if you give it time you will be feeling better in no time! This is my honest review of this mouthpiece. Give it a try!

Avatar for Shawn Rigler
Shawn Rigler
July 5, 2023

For the money its well worth it! I have sleep apnea and use a cpap machine. I hate it but I know it’s necessary for my health. I started using the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece and it has been working. My wife says I don’t keep her up at night snoring so I know it works! I have done research on mouth pieces and what makes this unique is that it keeps your lower jaw pushed forward a half an inch which opens up your pathway to breathing at night. If you lay down on your back and just relax your jaw you will eventually snore due to the back of your throat relaxing and blocking your air passage. If you force your lower jaw forward your air passage opens up. I tried that and it works. The mouth piece holds your lower jaw forward for you so you can sleep at night without air restriction. It’s not a 100% all the time. I had a couple moments where it fell out of place and I started snoring bit its effective about 98% of the time. That a least gives me options bs using cpap. I will continue to b user this as long as I can. Definitely worth it!

Avatar for M. Fernandez
M. Fernandez
June 24, 2023

I have been snoring bad for 2 years which has been causing my wife sleepless nights. I have been in pursuit of investigating and treating the cause of my snoring for years. Based on my research and observation, I have finally assessed that my overjet/overbite is causing my lower jaw to fall back towards my throat, narrowing the passageway and obstructing my breathing whenever I am sleeping.I have tried the following with occasional to no sucess: side sleeping, upper mouth guard, nose dilator, tonge stabilizing device and different pillows.When I was able to observe that my overjet/overbite might have been causing restriction in my breathing (especially since i prefer sleeping on my back), I had to give mandibular adjustment device such as ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece a try.Presetting/molding was like any other mouthguard i have tried. It was easy to follow directions on youtube though I wish I did it in front of a mirror to get a better fit and initial bite. After few days of use, the snoring was completely eliminated. It is evident in the screenshot of the SnoreLab app. The screenshot with yellow bars was my regular snoring recording while the screenshot with no bars is my current recording with no snoring.Cons:1. The mouth guard is quite large and thick. It makes my jaw open up wide. Hopefully I can adjust to the mild discomfort and get used to it.2. Since the main objective of the device is to keep the lower jaw from falling back, the mouth guard grips the teeth of the lower jaw to serve this purpose. I personally found some of my tooth aching mildly when I woke up. I am not sure if this can be resolved with properly fitting the mouth guard as i fitted my mouth guard without a mirror.Note to snorers:It is quite a journey investigating the cause of your snoring. I suggest looking at the mirror and investingating your bite. If you have an overjet/over bite, try to observe if your jaw movement is causing obstruction on your passageway. If this is the case, this product will help.Overall, I am quite happy with the product. It’s worth the try.

Avatar for Daemn22
June 16, 2023

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!I had recently put on some extra weight. Approximately 20 pounds. It doesn’t sound like much, right? However, it was enough for my height, 5’2”, to cause me to start snoring. I was waking up everyday extremely tired and far from feeling refreshed or rested. My physician recommended a Sleep Study to see if I had sleep apnea and how significant it might be. I was worried about having the study and anxious about the possibility of having something on my face at night while sleeping. I have had issues with claustrophobia in the past. I happened upon some information about oral appliances for sleep apnea. I did some research and found this product. At first I thought, would this really work? I was still a few weeks away from my appointment at the Sleep Lab. I decided to give this a try. At its price point I knew I had nothing to lose. It arrived and my husband and I saw it. He said “you’re not going to able to sleep with that in your mouth”. At the time I thought he might be right. However, I decided to try it anyway. I’m extremely glad I did and so is he! It took a little getting used to but I’ve not missed one night using it. I’ve already recommended it for a family member and ordered it for him. I encourage everyone who might be experiencing my issue to give this a try. It has literally changed my life!

Avatar for Ella Luci Trimm
Ella Luci Trimm
June 14, 2023

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe OSA at 45 interruptions per hour last year. I tried using a CPAP, but was unable to tolerate it. It’d blow off at night, or blow air in my mouth and out my nose. It was pointless. They wanted to get me in for a bi-level sleep study, but couldn’t due to COVID. I felt hopeless. My doctor suggested I could try a dental appliance, and referred me to a dentist for that. They were over a month out. I did some research and discovered OTC dental appliances such as this one, and thought it would be a good interim device to try while I waited. Well… I have to say, it works. I don’t want to say I noticed a big difference right away. It wasn’t until my dog ate it a few weeks later that I saw how much I needed it. I felt awful the day after not having it. I’ve seen the dentist since then and discussed the $2500 custom unit. I put off getting that one till after I finish straightening my teeth via Invisalign. Because with this unit, They are cheap enough that I can remold them to my liners as I straighten, and if my dog finds it again, I’m not out $2500 for a replacement! I’ll probably end up with the dental appliance eventually, as it is smaller and more custom. But, for now, this device does the trick!

Avatar for bernesto
June 2, 2023

I have slept with this for two nights now. My BF spent the night both nights and stated that I didn’t snore at all either night. He said my snoring didn’t bother him at night, but I seem to remember him nudging me a few times at night. Our relationship is still fairly new, so I don’t want to annoy him. I tried this, and he said there was no snoring at all from the first night I used it.Molding the device is easy, and the directions are correct. They give you a website link to see a video of how to mold the device. You have to scroll basically to the bottom of their web page to see the video. It was helpful. It’s pretty hard to mess up.I’ve used other devices before, but this was the first one that was adjustable. I think this is the best design, because you don’t have to adjust your jaw position during the molding process. You just bite into it to mold it, and adjust your jaw position after you have finished molding it.I adjusted mine forward just one notch from the devices factory set position. That was enough to completely eliminate my snoring. When I wake up, my mouth and throat are dry, and my teeth and jaw are sore, but that soreness subsides throughout the day. When I first put the device on at night, it’s very comfortable, and it’s easy to fall asleep with it in. I love that there are large breathing openings made into the device.Overall, this is a great product, and I’d definitely buy this again. I travel a lot, so I’ll probably grab another one to keep in my suitcase.

Avatar for Landon Brangley
Landon Brangley
May 18, 2023

I am a loud snorer, this device was very effective in significantly reducing both the amount and loudness of my snoring. The only similarly good product experience I have had was with a device custom fitted by my dentist several years ago, which was much more expensive and required a trip to the dentist office.This is the best I’ve tried so far and I will tell you why. I have tried a few different devices. The magnetic nose clips are reasonably comfortable and work a little bit. They seem to reduce the intensity of my snoring a little bit, but my snoring still wakes my wife a couple of times each night. While my (deep) snoring is impacted by my nose, that seems to only be a secondary effect for me. The primary benefit is when I change the position of my lower jaw by moving it slightly forward. So in order to get a real, significant and useful result I need to use a mouthpiece. Adding a nose magnet provides another slight improvement at low cost and with no added discomfort. I have also tried the Suibety Mouth Guard, which is quite effective. However, there are two issues with it that the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece addresses.First, the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece has an adjustable fit, which is very useful. With the other mouthpiece products, the lower jaw position is fixed when you form the mouthpiece to your teeth. This means you have to try a few different times, typically with multiple copies of the product to get it ‘just right’. With the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece you first mold the mouthpiece to your teeth. Then as a secondary step you can adjust the relative forward/back positioning of your lower jaw to get the best trade-off between reducing snoring and comfort.The second very nice feature of the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is that it has a gap between the upper and lower parts of the mouthpiece. This allows me to breathe normally with the mouthpiece in place. With the others, I need to breathe through my nose, or struggle to take an occasional breath through my mouth with a large solid mouthpiece in the way. Being able to breathe easily through my mouth and nose significantly aids in my sleep comfort.I have three data points for the comparison of the different products that I have tried. First, my own comfort and sleep pattern observations. I can sleep through the night without any significant discomfort with the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, much better than with other mouthpieces that I have tried, with the exception of the rather expensive one I got from my dentist, which is roughly equivalent. Second, and most importantly, my wife attests to the being able to sleep comfortably through the night when I use the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece (unlike the other over-the-counter solutions). Finally, I’ve used the Snore Lab app on my mobile phone to record my sleep “noise”. It empirically shows a significantly better, quieter, result that the other mouthpieces which, in turn, show a better result than the magnetic nose clip. It also shows a slightly better result with the combination of the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece and the magnetic nose clip. Though, my use of the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece alone allows my wife to sleep through the night. I did rate the sleep quality as 4-stars because having anything in my mouth at night is a little bit of an annoyance and taking it out is among the first things I do when I wake up in the morning. With this said, the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece with its adjustable alignment and air-gap is by far the least bothersome of the over-the-counter mouthpieces. I like it a lot, it works great, is reasonably priced and i can sleep through the night with it bothering my to the point of waking up.

Avatar for Sara
May 7, 2023

As someone who uses a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, I was looking for an alternative solution for traveling that wouldn’t require me to lug my bulky machine around. I decided to try the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, and I have to say, I’m impressed.While there was some initial discomfort and jaw soreness after using it for a few nights, I was able to adjust to the mouth guard relatively quickly. The custom molding feature allowed me to get a good fit, and the adjustability made it easy to make small tweaks over time. It’s also relatively easy to clean and store, and the included case is a nice touch.What I appreciate most about this mouth guard is that it’s a great replacement for my CPAP machine when traveling. It’s much more compact and portable, making it easy to bring with me on the go. While it may not be as effective as a CPAP machine in terms of keeping my airways open, it’s still a solid solution that allows me to get a good night’s sleep while traveling.Overall, I would highly recommend the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece to anyone looking for an alternative solution for sleep apnea or as a replacement for a CPAP machine when traveling. Just be prepared for some initial discomfort as you adjust to wearing it.

Avatar for J. Li
J. Li
May 6, 2023

After my first night of using this, my energy levels felt drastically higher and I think it’s due to the design. It’s basically designed so you can lock your jaw in the closed position all night while still being able to breathe out of your mouth. For me, this ended my snoring problem (confirmed by my wife) and increased the amout of oxygen I was getting at night which improved my energy level. I’ll be recommending this to everyone in my family and friend groups because I know it can improve someone’s sleep… Whether snoring is a problem or not.A couple of things to note:- The instructions recommend using a microwave to boil water for the molding process. I tried boiling water with my microwave but ended up using the stove because I couldn’t get the water hot enough to mold the mouthpiece against my teeth.- Using the stove to boil the mouthpiece was the best approach but DO NOT LET THE MOUTHPIECE TOUCH THE BOTTOM of the pot (just hold it in the middle of the boiling water with tongs for ~20-30 seconds then transfer to cold water for ~3 seconds before biting down to mold for use.) The rubber from one side of my mouthpiece stuck to the bottom of the pot after I drop it in the boiling water but I was able to quickly grab it, put it back on and bite down before the mouthpiece was ruined.- While snoring was completely eliminated, heavy breathing still occurred during my sleep. According to my wife, the heavy breathing was a little loud but not so loud that it could wake her up from sleeping. She really appreciates this product and so do I!

Avatar for LS
April 24, 2023

I bought this and eventually was able to use it instead of a CPAP. Actually, I was forced to use it because my CPAP died on me and I didn’t want to buy another one for around a $1000. I thought about having a custom mouth piece made and that was going to be around $1100 and it was going to take several weeks to be made. So instead of “rushing” to buy one of those or another CPAP, I thought why not pay around $30 for one of these and see if it works. I read quite of few reviews that were positive, which can sometimes can be misleading but I saw enough “good” reviews to give it a shot. Besides, I was between a rock and a hard place and this device seems to be able to solve my particular problem of snoring! Also, keep in mind, I barely needed a CPAP(minimum times waking per hour, I think it was 6-8 times per hour). What’s more concerning for me is that I would sometimes wake up choking.Once I got the mouthpiece molded, I tried sleeping with it on the default setting. You want to do this because your teeth and jaw may hurt for a few days while getting adjusted to it. One of the issues I have is sometimes waking up choking. While on the default setting, I experienced this and moved the lower part of the mouth piece out 1 mm. I experienced the choking on this setting but eventually got settled on the 2mm setting. That’s a good thing because I tried going to 3mm and it was too much stress on my jaw.Another thing that is helpful is if you are married or you have a snoring app that can give you feedback. My wife is my middle of the night device to wake me and keep track of when I snore. She says that on the 2mm setting she does not hear me snore which is a very positive thing.I want to say I get a fantastic sleep every night but that’s not exactly true. I think my sleep is better. Definitely better than on the CPAP. I felt that the CPAP kept me awake more than without one. The mask will eventually leak and I’d always feel tired and sleepy everyday. The main thing for me is that I don’t snore and I haven’t been awakened to gasping for air!Another issue I have is that my teeth hurt. This is partly because of the way I molded the device. My teeth were so snug in the device that repetitive movement of my mouth during the night would cause teeth pain. I try to not move my mouth to avoid this. I’ve re-molded the device and it is better. Also, in the morning you may feel that your jaw is still pulled forward and that your teeth may incorrectly line up. This goes away eventually through the day, but don’t be surprised if you feel this discomfort everyday. Everyone is different, so take my experience for what it’s worth.

Avatar for Anoid
April 21, 2023

I originally used SnoreRx, which is a great product. ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece fits and feels better in my opinion, and I sleep better as a result.But, I am not so sure ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is the right choice as someone’s first appliance without access to guidance from someone else who uses it, however, because preparing ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece would be really confusing if you have not used one of these types of appliances before. With SnoreRx, the process is simple with just six MARKED notch positions to SLIDE the two parts of the appliance to set the depth. SnoreRx guides you through the gradual process of increasing the depth to get you used to it. (And I’m not going to lie–getting used to my SnoreRx was a nightmare, and I gave up multiple times. But I finally to to the point where I hate sleeping without my appliance.) ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, on the other hand, has two pieces that have to be completely separated to then snap them back together in the desired position. It is VERY hard to get these positioned properly with the gazillion UNMARKED notches it has. (Edit: I discovered that there are markings, but they are virtually invisible. The product photos that include them are enhanced with high contrast or other editing. You will NOT be able to see the markings. If I hold the device in just the right light and have appropriate magnification, I can see that there are markings that even then are nearly impossible to read.) I knew exactly the position I wanted, but I struggled to finally get it there. It took several minutes, whereas with SnoreRx it takes 1 second. If this were my first appliance, I would have had no clue what I was doing. The instructions for molding are also quite horrible. You have to watch the video to understand what you have to do. I don’t like having to go find a video. Make thorough printed directions!But after getting through all that, the device is almost perfect. I love it! I will not likely go back to SnoreRx, but I am glad I started there. I would surely have given up, otherwise. If they improve the directions for ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece (molding, alignment, and adjusting over time to get used to wearing it and to improve function) and add VISIBLE guide marks for alignment, ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece would be unbeatable.

Avatar for Brad H.
Brad H.
April 17, 2023

I have tried several devices to help with my snoring problem which was “epic” according to the SnoreLab app. This is the only one that really seems to solve my problem. First the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is comfortable enough to wear all night long, it uses the “boil and bite” method to mold to your teeth. Second and most important it is ADJUSTABLE. How far do you need to advance your lower jaw to solve the problem? This device lets you inch forward each night until you find the sweet spot. I watched my SnoreLab “snore rating” drop from 107 down to 5. By the way I love that app, it really lets you know if what you are doing to try to stop snoring is actually working.Now this type of device is not perfect. I have experienced the same issues with every MAD (mandibular advancement device) I have tried. I experience some soreness in my gums and teeth in the morning, and there is some shifting of my bite that occurs overnight. These problems go away by noon the next day and are totally worth being able to sleep with my partner at night! These problems are not unique to the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, and I think that it is actually more comfortable than any other device I tried. Give it a try

Avatar for gdeanbecker
April 15, 2023

Have tried them all and this is the best. More durable than a simple silicone one in that this has a plastic frame that anchors the silicon teeth trays in place, yet does so unobtrusively and comfortably. This one is also adjustable and allows you to position your mandible forward a variable degree, although the millimeter scale on the side is too tiny to be very useful. Also, there is no tongue tip depressor tab at the inside front area if you’re a tongue humper overnight. Finally, a couple tips. If you decide to obtain a free second mouthpiece if offered, it might be wise (when molding it around your teeth for the setup) to adjust that one’s lower piece a bit more forward than the first one, so you can try both positions/configurations. I found that jutting the lower piece gives me a more open airway. Second tip is you may want to try this (and any) mouthpiece with an apnea jaw strap to help keep your mouth even more firmly aligned and closed upon the mouthpiece. Doing so really enhanced my results overnight and eliminated early awakenings. Some antidepressants and similar meds or tryptophan can cause jaw tension, so in that case a jaw strap might especially be a good add on. I’m pleased with the product. I firmly believe it’s the best of many and will last a few years at least.

Avatar for Mr Namez
Mr Namez
April 6, 2023

My husband had told my snoring was getting worse so I spoke with my doctor; I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea; I first started out with the Eliminator Pro 2.0 – a co-worker told me about it. I wrote to the company on how I thought it was too big and very uncomfortable. They suggested and sent me the Serenity, 3 units I might add – at no charge, which was much smaller and more flexiable. I gave one to a friend, and I used one for about a month; within that month, because of the flexibility of the mouth piece, I had to reshape it about 3 times. It worked when it held its shape.I went back to ZComfort to see if there was one more like the Eliminator, which had more stable construction, but smaller. I bought the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, which stated it is smaller. Upon receiving it, I compared it to the Eliminator. It didn’t look smaller to me, however, it does feel much more comfortable. My husband says, I do not snore any more, and I am not sleepy during my waking hours any more. I appreciate my co-worker telling me about the Eliminator and I appreciate this company for sending me the Serenity. I also appreciate that the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is currenlty working very well for me. Thank you.

Avatar for Linda Franklin
Linda Franklin
April 5, 2023

I recently started trying to implement nasal breathing while sleeping and my wife told me I was snoring so after a little reviewing I ran across the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece that has an adjustable upper and lower. That’s a wonderful detail as it has 10 micro adjustments to help move your lower jaw into a position to keep your airway more open and prevent snowing.The details for molding were simple and within 5 minutes of opening the box it was molded and set. After playing with the lower I settled on the 2nd lower setting and in conjunction with mouth taping have found the I awake very rested even with less than optimal sleep time. I’m requiring less coffee and my wife said I haven’t snored the few nights since I started using it.As a great side usage I needed to get a mouth piece to prevent me from grinding my teeth at night and I can tell this will help as it’s a upper and lower mouth piece.The only negative is my lower teeth were a little tender the first 2 mornings after using it. Nothing painful just not used to the mouth guard and probably trying to grind in my sleep and preventing that from happening.Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a snore reduction solution!

Avatar for Tharizz0
April 3, 2023

I bought this product to help with snoring and to improve my breathing when I sleep. I was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, but the doctor did not recommend any treatment other than losing weight. It’s very hard to eat right and exercise when you’re exhausted all the time! Long story short, I did some internet research and saw this product recommended as an affordable treatment for snoring caused by sleep apnea. The price was right and the reviews are good, so I bought it. The directions on how to mold the device to my teeth were not very precise. I had to watch several YouTube videos to learn how long to put the device in the boiling water and then the cool water and then how long to bite down. I did 20 seconds in the hot water, three seconds in the cool water, and 30 seconds biting down. I did repeat the process because I wasn’t sure I did it right the first time. You can reheat it three times before it won’t reset anymore. I left it on the adjustment it was set to, but you can move the lower jaw forward or back as needed. I find that the original setting is perfect for my mouth. It was hard to get used to sleeping in it the first few nights and I still find myself drooling more than I would like. I can breathe though! And I’ve been told that I never snore when I’m wearing it. I was concerned about some of the reviews saying the device made their teeth loose or their jaw hurt. I haven’t experienced this, but I did what one reviewer recommended: work your teeth back and forth a little as you bite down so there will be some wiggle room. I will definitely buy again if this one wears out.

Avatar for Christen Allen
Christen Allen
March 29, 2023

Several years ago I paid $2,500 for a professionally made appliance to replace my CPAP. At the time, it was worth it. It worked great, and I no longer needed the CPAP. Over time, that appliance got chewed by my dog and broke in half several times. By the end, everything was literally held together by super glue, the adjustments know longer worked, and it had got out of alignment so my teeth no longer stayed in place at night. I noticed I started experiencing sleep apnea symptoms again (mental fog, being tired during the day, waking up multiple times each night), so I decided it was time to look for a replacement. I called the doctor who made the original device, but his office never called me back. Turns out that was very lucky for me. I decided to spend $20 to try the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. It came in two days and was easy to setup. The first night I noticed I slept straight through. Since then my mental fog and tiredness have also gone away, and I’m having cinematic dreams every night. In short, my apnea is licked again, and for 1/100th of the cost. I’m enjoying a good quality of life again, for which I am really grateful. I had doubts it would work, but no more. It works great. If you need a new appliance, I can tell you this one is working great for me.

Avatar for Bill
March 28, 2023

I was told I have sleep apnea, and would need to pay $1800 for a mandibular adjustment device. I have student loans to pay, so I searched for a generic one online. I found this mouthpiece on ZComfort and ordered it. It came in a small, neat box. The box contained the mouthpiece, instructions, a storage case, and a little spatula. I used the microwave to heat water and molded the mouthpiece. I had to mold it twice because I have a slight overbite, but it fit very well and I was able to re-mold it with ease. It even fit around my lower permanent retainer.The first night it made my jaw a little sore, but I noticed my sleep quality had improved slightly. I believe the jaw soreness was from biting down on the mouthpiece, because I have had no problems with jaw soreness since. I have it on a pretty low setting due to the shape of my mouth, but it is very easy to adjust and is relatively comfortable. I took it off in my sleep the second night, but have had no problems with it coming out or dislodging on its own. I’m pretty used to it now and it stays in all night.The only con is that it causes me to drool quite a bit because I cannot fully close my lips around the mouthpiece. Again, this might be because I have a small mouth/overbite and sleep on my side or stomach. I am able to swallow fine, i just happen to drool in my sleep because my mouth is partially open. I am unable to talk once the mouthpiece is in, but I put it in right before going to bed and not being able to talk is not an issue.Now that I have been using the mouthpiece consistently, I have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep quality and I am waking up less at night. I have no jaw soreness or tooth pain from the device, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try an alternative to a CPAP.

Avatar for Cami H
Cami H
March 23, 2023

I’ve tried lots of different stop snoring devices and none have ever worked. I started looking for something different that wasn’t crazy expensive and found ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. Based on the number of reviews I thought I’d give it a try as it was relatively inexpensive compared to some of the devices I’ve seen. I watched the quick video on setting it up and tried it that night. My wife says I didn’t really snore at all except for a few times, but it wasn’t loud at all. The second night I didn’t snore at all.A few things, I’m a pretty crazy sleeper and the mouth piece fell out one time the first two nights, which woke my wife up, who woke me up to put it back in. It’ not super comfortable, but it’s not horrible either and I have no problems falling asleep with it. I know everyone is different and the reasons they snore is different but this is the first product I have tried that actually worked.Update after about a month of use.. It still works and I don’t snore when it’s in. The only problem is either I take it out while sleeping, or it falls out. Maybe it needs to be tighter.. Either way, it’s the first of many products I’ve tried that actually work, according to my wife..

Avatar for Dan Evans
Dan Evans
March 15, 2023

I have sleep apnea. I purchased a sleep apnea mouth guard device from my dentist 3 years ago. It cost $3,500 that included making molds for the lab to make the device. After the dentist got my device back from the lab, she then adjusted the jaw position that best worked for me. After I started using it I experienced no more snoring and I felt well rested each morning. However, a few days ago when I got up and put my device on the night stand (for the first time), my dog found it and chewed on it and broke it. The thought of spending another $3,500 was out of the question. So, I found and ordered the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece here.In the box, the directions recommended that I watch a short video on how to mold it to my upper and lower teeth. The video was easy to follow so I had no problems. After molding it, from my familiarity with the dentist’s device, I was easily able to set the lower jaw position that works for me.I have used it for two nights. Although the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is shaped differently from my dentist’s device, I got the same results: no snoring, and I felt rested in the morning from no sleep apnea events during each night. What a great relief to not have to pay $3,500 again. By the way, I have forgiven my dog Max.

Avatar for John
March 13, 2023

I seen a specialist about my sleep apnea, because I wake up with a headache frequently, put 2 and 2 together when I did some low oxygen training with the Fire Department I am on, I got the same headache (obviously not breathing properly at night). Specialist wanted a CT to make sure I didn’t have a brain tumor even though he stated I have no symptoms of one he’d just like to rule it out(because headaches, are always brain tumors). Even with insurance its not FREE to get a CT..($300) and what is the best case scenario I’m tumor free and I wear a CPAP machine the rest of my life.. No thank you.. Been wearing this for a month and been headache free.. my wife says I no longer snore, and to hell with wearing a CPAP machine if I don’t have to.. I did waste $200 with my co-pay on seeing that quack though. This thing is amazing, your teeth will hurt, and it might throw your bite off for a couple hours till your jaw stretches out a bit, but if you suffer from debilitating headaches from apnea like I did.. anything is better then that (except maybe wearing a cpap.. that sounds terrible) I can’t promise it will work for you, but it seriously did for me.. I rarely believe in stuff like this, but it is just one of those things that actually does work for some people.. I will be honest they give you a free mouthguard if you leave a positive review for them.. But if it didn’t work why the hell would I leave them a positive review to get a free second moutguard that doesn’t work. Ive watched quite a bit of youtube videos and the design on this one with the adjustable underbite makes the most sense. This mouthguard goes by a couple different brands I’ve had two different ones (my dog ate one) but they both were identical and came with the same directions from the same company.

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Joe Selleke
March 10, 2023

To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised…. The fact is that I (I confess) snore quite a lot. So much so that neither I nor those who sleep in neighboring rooms get enough sleep. I went to the “sleep laboratory” – yes, they say you snore and sleep badly. And then I don’t know. I would also add that during the day I just “cut down”. I bought the SnoreLab program, which measures the level of snoring (volume + duration) and allows you to experiment with different solutions. All in vain… After a long search, I finally found a solution. I was skeptical – after all, a lot has already been tested, but now I will share the first result and you will see everything …Most of all, this thing is similar to a boxing mouthguard that protects the teeth. You dip it for a minute and a half in hot water, then for 15 seconds in cold water and clamp it with your teeth. It turns out a cast of the jaws. Then put it in your mouth and sleep with it. It prevents the lower jaw from moving backward during sleep. Namely, this is one of the causes of snoring and cessation of breathing in a dream. Slowly, over time, after a few weeks, twist, pushing the lower jaw slightly forward (detailed description on the page).At first it may seem unusual. I have experience in this sense: I have already tried a night guard that preserves teeth. It somehow costs quite a lot, and despite the fact that, having clenched my teeth in a dream, I broke it in the first week, it turned out to be a so-so investment. And this thing cost about 60 dollars (and, by the way, it also protects your teeth).And you can see the results in two screenshots.On the first of them (without a cap) “snoring score” – 72. You can see the numbers yourself. Slept with this thing today. Rating – 18. Snoring is many times quieter, the snoring itself is 2.5 times less. I woke up really rested (then I slept a little more, because I still didn’t get enough sleep in 6 hours), but there is no daytime sleepiness. Maybe it will help someone too.

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Veacheslav Smelovsky
March 10, 2023

I recently purchased and received the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. I have used a CPAP bi-level device/equipment to aide with my sleep apnea condition. My equipment was recalled this year and I’ve been without a sleep apparatus every since. My sleepless nights and snoring throughout the night drastically increased. With the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece I slept better throughout the night and my snoring was reduced significantly. The manufacturer provided both visual and written instructions via ZComfort, the internet, and packaged on how to mold the product to perfection on the first attempt. The most important items I like about the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece vs. the CPAP is the maintenance, usage, and portability. The only maintenance required is to clean the product with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash which can be accomplished when you brush your teeth. Usage is rather easy. Before you fall asleep insert the product in your mouth and enjoy your nights sleep. The CPAP equipment I used required me to to purchase a sterilization machine, in addition to purchasing a hose, mask, and filters on a regular basis throughout the year, costly. At night I could only sleep in limited positions due to the mask and hose required for the CPAP’s proper ussage. The CPAP equipment is a small scale ventilator providing force air into your lungs that is noisy. Also, I can take this product with me anywhere without being inconvenced, at all, it’s that compact and discrete. I highly recommend the ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for those deprived of sleep due to excessive snoring…

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Greg E Simeton
March 6, 2023

The device came on time, and was easy to mold if you follow the instructions. The taste is slightly platicky at first but wears off quickly. I have noticed that my tongue can block it a bit easily (I have a long tongue), but perhaps that is true even without it when sleeping. I have better sleep with it, and it helped put me at easewhen my nose gets congested.Additionally, what I first thought was a bug is actually a feature. The mouthpiece comes apart into 3 easy to clean pieces. You may need to pry it apart and break some internal tiny connection to do so, but once this happens (and it will happen anyways if you clean it at all per the instructions), it actually is far better in terms of being able to clean this well.I do recommend brushing every piece of it nightly to keep away bacteria and smell. I also recommend buying cleaning tablets for dentures or retainers, and soaking it in that solution at least every third day, if not daily. These steps will keep it fresh and clean in your mouth, and likely extend the lifetime.Kudos to the seller, who sent me an extra one when I first had the thing fall apart and thought it was a flaw, only to figure out later it was easily re-assembled and better this way to clean. At this point the solution has lasted several months, and notably, lasted longer vs. my very strong bite than anything orthodontic ever did when I had braces and a retainer. I was notorious for breaking my braces, but haven’t broken this yet. This is an excellent buy.

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Kindle Customer
February 23, 2023

Here’s the quick version:I have a slight overbite that causes my tongue to ‘choke’ me when I lay on my back. Wife is NOT happy lately with my sleeping. My situation is not from being overweight, just the tongue issue falling back.Watch the video on how to size it FIRST. If it doesn’t feel right, immediately resize it in the boiling water. That’s what I had to do.Here’s the part that may make or break it for you…. So I have an overbite. In my ‘neutral position, my back teeth touch. When I move my jaw forward, only my front few teeth touch and there’s a large gap in the back. IF you size this using your neutral position, then when you adjust your jaw forward, the impression will not lock into your back teeth. When you size it, set if for a position where your jaw is already forward SLIGHTLY. This gives you a lot more wiggle room to adjust it down the road while still holding your teeth.TO THE MANUFACTURER: Ideally, the guard should fit deeper to the back teeth for people with over bites (which is the main group buying this)Sleeping with this: If your first impression is, “There’s no way I can sleep with this!”, they you’ve already quit… move on. For those ready for a full night’s sleep, read on…. This is a bulky. It’s not a normal feeling, however, normal is what’s making you snore in the first place. This changes that. It is large, but you QUICKLY get used to it. DON’T QUIT! What’s your sleep worth to you? Stick it out and you’ll be rewarded.First night with it my wife woke up saying I didn’t snore once. She didn’t even look like she was going to poison my coffee this time! …. this time. lol

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February 22, 2023

I recently had to go through an entire medical rat race just to try and replace mouthpiece made years ago to help with snoring and slight apnea. The process to have your medical insurance pay for a special mouth piece is going to: 1. Your general Family Doctor = Typical co-pay of $15 dollars2. Who then has to send you to the ENT Specialist = Co pay was $80.003.WHo then has to send you to have a sleep study = $150.004. To send you to a Medical Dentist who makes the mouthpiece and wanted to charge me $6000 but would be priced through my insurance to about half of that amount. I laughed and walked out of the office.I ordered this mouth piece and have been pleased with the fit and functionality. Its ability to adjust and lock replicated the more expensive unit I have had for several years purchased through the medical insurance. I was able to sleep well and not snore using this product.Con: The only thing I had to do is use some scissors to cut away exos material hitting the inside of my mouth after molding. Then reheat to soften the sharp areas left from cutting.I would recommend purchasing and if you have aslight apnea you can save lots of time and money by using this product. Ask your ENT specialist if you can take the sleep test using this mouthpiece to see if it yields better results.

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Octavio Torres
February 1, 2023

I have fairly serious sleep apnea. Before I got my first mouthpiece 10 years ago my tests showed that I would stop breathing 58 times an hour. This basically prevented me from getting restful sleep and for years I lived the life of a walking zombie. When I finally got the issue addressed, the solution for me was a mouthpiece that moved my soft palette away from my throat by positioning my lower jaw forward. That mouthpiece was custom fitted to my mouth over the course of a half dozen visits and cost me just over a thousand dollars.5 years later that mouthpiece broke and I had to get a new appliance from a different location in a different state. Rather than just trusting the design of the old one, they had me go through the whole process again. Multiple visits and several hundred dollars later I again had a functioning mouthpiece, although this one had an adjustment knob that stuck out the from and caused me to drool like nobodies business.Last month that appliance cracked and I thought… here we go again. Although this time I thought I’d try something different. I had seen some commercials for over the counter sleep apnea mouth guards and I thought, hell, why not give it a try. I figured the worst thing that could happen would be a lost night sleep.Anyway, as is typical the package was thrown onto my doorstep a couple days later and I gave it a test run.So the first thing worth mentioning is that is works a lot like a sports mouthpiece. I’d played football and boxed before and the process was very similar. Dunk in hot water, bit down, let cool, done. For adjusting the protrusion distance I just held it up to my cracked appliance and eyeballed it. At this point, I should probably warn people who have never worn a sleep apnea mouthpiece before, it takes a while to gain the flexibility to extend your lower jaw significantly without discomfort. If you can’t afford a proper sleep clinic first, you should look into the stretches and movements you need to do to gain the flexibility without damaging your bite. As I said, I’d been wearing one for 10 years so I just stretched it way out there and give it a full test the first night.So enough background, on to the actual review. First of all, it doesn’t have an adjustable bit angle in the vertical direction. Some people gain a lot of airway space by having that verticality so for them, this may not be ideal. Second, the fit will be a little loose if you are used to a custom fit job. I found the first couple of nights I experience some tooth discomfort in the morning I assume it was because of the looseness. After a couple of days, however, I found it went away. Next, it should be noted that its pretty darn easy to adjust although its clear font on clear plastic so it’s not something you’re going to be able to do at 3 am in the dark, so try it out before you go to bed so you get it adjusted right. How does it clean? Well, so far I’ve been really pleased. I’ve had it several weeks now without it picking up any unpleasant odors or tastes, which is more than I could say about my last one.But let’s get down to what really matters. Does it work and what kind of value are you getting? Well, while I haven’t taken a formal sleep study since getting the new appliance, I can say that I am absolutely feeling rested. At this point, I’ve been on enough trips where I forgot my mouthpiece to know when I don’t have one. Next, it cost me literally 1/10th the cost. Seriously, at that price, all it has to do is last 6 months and is already a better value than my previous ones. Best of all, because it lets me close my lips over the front, I don’t drool anymore.This is absolutely worth trying. As the title says, this product works so well that I am mad. Mad about all the time and money I spent on those previous mouthpieces. Don’t get me wrong, I would pay 100x more money for a good night sleep if that was my only option, but having something this effective and affordable is just a godsend.

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YouKnow, A person
January 25, 2023

I’ve tried a couple mouth pieces but this is the only one that has worked well. My 2 complaints is it does make your jaw very sore. Usually takes about an hour or more for things to start to feel normal after removing it in the morning. This could be due to teeth grinding while the mouth piece is in. The other negative is the drool… It’s not too bad but you may need to have an extra pillow case on hand just in case. Drool seems to be pretty common with any mouth piece though so it isn’t a deal breaker. That aside, I’m sleeping much better. We live in a pretty dry climate so I wouldn’t attribute the dry mouth to the mouth piece as that was common without it. My review is for people who have wives who have had to put up with heavy snoring for years. This thing won’t stop snoring completely but I can report that my wife has said it’s nowhere near as bad, and some nights, I don’t snore at all. She is sleeping better so I’m sleeping better (i.e. I’m not constantly getting smacked in the face with a pillow or forcefully rolled over on my side). The molding process was super easy and the adjustments are easy to make to move your lower jaw forward more if needed. Another big plus is this mouth piece makes it easy to breath with your mouth slightly open if you have clogged sinuses. It doesn’t restrict airflow at all which is a problem with other mouth pieces. I would recommend this mouth piece.

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January 22, 2023

Like me , if you don’t know whats causing your snoring (could be many things), just buy this mouth guard and cross lower jaw falling back off the list, for 30 bucks its a no brainierI tried the nose things, chin strap and side sleeping-and finally this thing, it worked right out of the box, after fitting. My snore score went from 50 ish to 4!Some tips1.Down load the free snore lab app, and start recording your snoring a few days before, to get a base line-make sure you listen to the recordings and x out the things that the app picks up that are not snoring (dog barking, farting, planes etc), it good to quantify and track whats working2. Be sure to get a good fit, you dont want to bite as hard as you can when fitting, as it will squish all the molding away.3. The instructions are a little poor on how much to adjust, you want to have your lower jaw in line or in front of your upper, start low and work up-check your snore score on the app4. If your lower jaw is a bit sore, i guess its to be expected, but you can back off the adjustment for more comfort, but your snore score may increase, as mine didI had a small issue with mine, and the customer service was prompt and resolved my issue!If it works you can get a professional one made by a dentist, but I would start with this before spending big bucks.

Avatar for B.c
January 20, 2023

arrived on time, no problem with packaging- I read all the other reviews before I purchased this mouthpiece. I was concerned that I might not be able to get used to it and that it would be hard to mold to my teeth and also hard to adjust the lower jar piece forward. I followed the instructions carefully , watched the online molding instruction video which was recommended in the instructions that came with it. The molding process went easily enough. I was careful about each step and took nothing for granted. Success on first try. Okay but would I be able to sleep with this thing in my mouth? I read that it would take time to get used to. I had no problem with it being too big, seems about exactly the right size for me. I planned to sleep with it in for half of the first night. That worked okay. I can say that as a week of trial nights went by each got easier. In fact after years of worrying about grinding my teeth I found it comforting to have it in place. So, we’ll see how well it lasts. I’m grateful that I didn’t spring for having my dentist make one.I’m giving it 5 stars because the device met all of the maker’s claims. The device seems to well manufactured and thought out. The instructions were coherent and included good diagrams. As other reviews mentioned the lettering that says Upper and Lower is hard to see, but is okay no issue, having been warned in the other reviews. The adjustments numbers are also hard to see but also okay. And my eyes aren’t that great either. I would make this suggestion, when you adjust the lower jaw part of the mouth piece forward to correct your sleep, measure the distance of the relationship of the jaws from the back edge. If the lower jaw is about 1/16″ offset in the factory position and you want to move it a little bit it might measure 1/8″ or 3/16″ after you move it. Each 1/16″ increment change would be about 1.5 mm adjustment. Personally I wanted to get used to it in my mouth while sleeping with no offset or pushing on my lower jaw. I’m taking a baby steps approach. My next step will be adjusting it the least amount possible and get used to that.Bottom line, I’m glad that I got it. And my wife says snoring seems gone.

Avatar for Ollie2
January 17, 2023

Update 5/6/2023. I still like it and use it every night – I ended up buying another because I am a very bad nighttime grinder and just bit through the softer parts. I’ve done this on my $600 nightguard from the dentist, so this didn’t surprise me much. It actually held up longer than I would have guessed. I think my body has gotten used to it, and it doesn’t eliminate the snoring 100%, but I don’t get kicked every night by my wife to rollover. I could probably go more aggressive on the upper/lower positioning, but until the kicking starts I think I’ll leave it as is.Overall I am impressed. I was a pretty bad snorer, so my ENT doctor suggested a mouthpiece. I had been tracking my snoring with an app and my snore score was pretty consistent in the 50’s and 60’s. I bought the brand name version from CVS and it helped day one, brining me down to the low 20’s. But after about a month and a half the mouthpiece fell apart (plus I bit through the molded layer).I decided to try this ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece based on how it looked similar and the price. I wasn’t expecting an improvement over the brand name one – but I got it! I’ve had it for about a week, and my snore scores have dropped to the single digits. The mouthpiece is just as comfortable as the other one for me. I plan to keep using it and buy another when I eventually wear this one out.The photos show the difference for me, so needless to say but my wife is much happier now that I have this one!

Avatar for Twpiv
January 16, 2023

Just like everyone with a snoring problem, you search & you search hoping to find a solution. This is only my 2nd night using it B/C I think if you were sleeping alone you wouldn’t bother with annoying plastic hanging out in your mouth, but since my hot girl friend wanted to sleep in the bed last night we tried it (we been taking turns btwn couch & bed snoring is so annoying to her). 1st night I had the bottom piece too far forward and it was very uncomfortable, had to adjust it back and it became more manageable (other reviews have complaints about the adjustment markings, but I don’t even bother with those I just adjust the thing forward or backward it’s simple), but I did wake up time to time and notice my bottom teeth had slightly moved out of the grove, so wasn’t sure if it was even working & she wasn’t there to tell me so I took it out. Last night I put it in and teeth all seemed to stay where they were supposed too woke up at 6am took it out and went back to sleep, she kicked me & said to put it back in ;) so it really works! Not many downsides to the company or product when it works I suppose only thing I can think of is that the web link they give you in the packaging doesn’t take you to a molding instruction video like they say it should, so I just read some other reviews people talking about how they molded it (Boil, 70 seconds, run just a little cold water over it so u don’t burn yourself, put it in your mouth & bite down , let it cool…it’s simple really). Yeah it takes some getting use to having a hunk of plastic in your mouth, but I have had no problem falling asleep and I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to it being there after several back to back uses. Bottom-line it worked for me as advertised, good luck!

Avatar for John P.
John P.
January 15, 2023

I use this mouthpiece for my Mild Sleep Apnea *shocker* that I was diagnosed with and it works great believe it or not! No need for expensive medical equipment etc. To elaborate…… I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy 15 years ago(which I take Provigil & Adderall for) and a few years ago I began to experience a mental fog and tiredness through the days despite my medications so my Sleep Doctor ordered another sleep study. Turns out I developed Mild Sleep Apnea (15 occurrences an hour I averaged) which was just enough to make me feel groggy when waking and cause this Mental Fog during the day.(- I do have a mild overbite so its most likely the cause : jaw slides back when sleeping and your tongue rolls back blocking your airway if I recall the doctor correctly-) My Insurance so kindly covered the Cpap machine which is just a hastle and takes up space on my night stand but works well and I feel great after using it. I just didnt like having to clean it and its just an eye sore. I did some research and found that a mouthpiece can be made by your dentist to cure the mild apnea and the doctor verified its an actual method of treatment but rarely used because its not covered by most insurances. This caused me to research such devices and found this!My dentist wanted $600 for their device and you have several visits in which they take a mold of your mouth, than have the piece made over a couple weeks and adjust the position based on your sleep quality over a few more weeks until they get it right. My insurance would reimburse luckily for this but I didnt want to go through the hastle of multiple visits and waiting.So onto this mouthpiece! Its been a great find (life changer) and this is actually my second one. I have found that once I mold this which is a simple process of dropping it in boiling water for 20 seconds and setting it in your mouth for another 20. *can drop it in cold water for a second if its too hot to set in your mouth* You’ll know its hot enough because your teeth will sink right into it.On the sides of the mouthpiece there are Numbers on the top piece and an arrow on the bottom in which you pop apart the 2 pieces and can pop it back together with the bottom piece being moved forward 1 notch at a time *up to 15 or 20* (which holds your lower jaw forward when sleeping) I found that working my way up 1 notch every few nights, my setting is only #5 for me to get a greaat nights rest. No more grogginess and mental fog after waking! I highly recommend others to try this if you are in search of a remedy as I was. No more unsightly cpap machine!1 more thing – it’s easy to clean as it pops apart and I just rinse it in some mouthwash every morning than lay it in its case to dry in my nightstand ready for the next night.

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Joseph Button
January 13, 2023

I grind my teeth and most of the other devices say they don’t work well with that condition. I tried them anyway. They lasted a few days and then started loosening, not giving me the support needed to keep my bottom jay protruded out.When I saw that ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece works for teeth grinding as well as snoring, in my case sleep apnea, I was excited to try it. I’ve used it now for over a week, and I have to say it works extremely well. I understand how some people say how big and uncomfortable it is, but in my case it fit fine. I sleep mostly breathing through my nose and am able to to keep my mouth closed quite easily. I guess that will be different for everybody.When I was trying the other products, I went through the soreness stage that is common when you first use these types of devices. Since I’ve been using this, I’ve had no soreness.My whole thing was that I would wake up constantly throughout the night not getting a good nights rest. Found myself tired throughout the day. Since I’ve been using these devices I’ve been sleeping through out the night. Feeling refreshed throughout the day. These night guards have been a game changer. I’m definitely going to stick with this one.One thing I would like to see different with ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is that it is clear throughout. It makes it more challenging when trying to adjust the device. It’s quite difficult to see the numbers. Also not so easy to see the words that says “upper” and “lower” which enables you to know how to put it in your mouth. Other companies have colored those specific areas making it easier to read.One other thing is that most other companies give you an idea of it longevity. I’m not seeing any thing from the company stating how long it should generally last. But after using it for over a week, it’s still working well, very sturdy…lasting a lot longer then the other similar products I’ve tried.I would definitely give it a try. Specially if you grind your teeth.

Avatar for A. Cohen
A. Cohen
January 9, 2023

I’ve used this for 2-3 months so far. Best value for the money for a sleep oral appliance — I always wondered why they were so expensive, and now my suspicions are confirmed, that the price was as high as they could get away with! I’ve tried over a dozen different brands of oral appliances for bruxism and snoring, even spent a couple grand at a sleep dentist. None of those devices were able to replace my CPAP. My CPAP, in turn, does not totally eliminate my grinding. This ZComfort Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece works well with my CPAP so that I don’t wake up with bite wounds inside my cheeks, plus my AI number is consistent lower than without the device. A FEW TIPS: 1) My teeth feel better in the morning if I use Vaseline on the part that contacts my teeth. 2) If you use a CPAP and the air tends to blow out between your teeth, I found it easy to get used to closing the breathing holes with my tongue. I use Vaseline there too, to keep my tongue from drying out. The device is thick enough that is difficult to close my lips over it. 3) I clean it with foaming antibacterial hand soap and soak it in diluted mouthwash a few times a week. If you use Vaseline on it, wipe that off with tissue before washing. 4) Part of the softer part has come a bit loose from the harder center part. It still is mostly attached and works perfectly well. 5) If your lips are dry in the morning, Vaseline is the answer again, simply put a good amount on your lips at bedtime. REQUEST TO MANUFACTURERS: Include how long to keep in the hot water for fitting. And please, please, keep this at the rational low price. It is so much appreciated. Thank you for a good, affordable product!

Avatar for Schmonka
January 3, 2023

I waited 3 days after i had tried this product to write this review. The molding instruction is straight forward. I watched the video and paused it several times to keep up. I will advise using the video instead of the instruction manual. The manual has a link to the video. I did the molding twice, though i think i didn’t have to do the second time, but i did to be certain. Make sure you are aware of the upper and lower part reading. I had to get my glasses and and put on better lighting to be certain. Remember, both words ends with letters ‘ER’, that almost threw me off.After i molded with my mouth, i felt a little swelling and pain in the (read this well) inner gums of my lower front teeth (get that?). But after about 3 minutes, the swelling all but disappeared and the pain was totally gone.I inserted it into my mouth and went to sleep. The result was amazingly incredible. I recorded my sleep and my snoring was reduced drastically. The first night, i had a great sleep and huge reduction in snoring. It was not the freight train sound anymore. I had a bit of drooling (eww) and i went straight to bathroom to take the devise off. I had a bit of bleeding when i rinsed my mouth but there was no feeling of any cut or pain whatsoever. It felt a bit weird closing my teeth together as it was temporary misaligned because of the setting i made to the product. The second night i noticed a little bleeding again during rinse off the next morning. Still no pain nor cut. And the 3rd time, there was no bleeding at all. I usually sleep on my back and then switch to my sides, never on my chest. Depending on how far you set the devise, you might experience little drooling if you sleep on your chest or sides. I notice i don’t get that when i’m on my back. Again, it depends on the settings, if you set it so that your mouth easily closes, then you won’t drool, but that might not be the most effective setting as in my case. So a balance has to be struck. It takes a few nights of playing around with. Overall, I will give this product a 5 star. For the price in comparison to its effectiveness. I will recommend this.

Avatar for Phi
January 2, 2023

From what I can gather thru extensive research on this, this mouthpiece is just as good as the ones made by your dentist. and incredibly cheaper! At the very least I’d suggest trying this for a month first. It is important to get a good mold. Boil water, then place this in for 90 seconds, then pukl out with tongs and dip in cool water for 3 seconds, place in mouth and bit hard – press around the outside of your face too to “shrink” or mold the outside as well – especially if your mouth is small. I’ve worn this for five nights now. A face strap may be a good idea if you adjust it to the more extreme levels – just to keep yourself from spitting it out overnight. It HAS gotten easier to wear each night – I’m guessing it will take a full 2 weeks to become second nature. IT is amazing how much more air I have at night with this even though initially it seems like I almost have my mouth closed. It’s nice to not constantly wake up when I finally relax enough that my tongue falls back and blocks my airway. This does not “hold” your tongue, but the position of your jaw with the bottom teeth moved slightly forward does seem to naturally not allow it to fall back or relax into your airway. There is some slight dry mouth, but that too has decreased a lot after five days. Oh – to help i hold, put in only when it and your teeth are mostly dry – tends to slide around less. And apply chapstick heavily after it is positioned – this really decreases the feeling of dry mouth and the want to swallow and wet my teeth. Thank you! PS The instructions indicate you can remold it three times if the fit is not firm.

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