SereneSleep Mouthpiece Review: Scam or Legit?



I used to think my snoring was just a harmless quirk, until it started causing real problems in my relationship. My partner’s sleep was suffering, and tensions were rising. Desperate for a solution, I stumbled upon SereneSleep Mouthpiece while scrolling through online forums late one night.

Hesitant but hopeful, I decided to give it a try. Ordering it was easy, but as I waited for it to arrive, doubts crept in. Would it really work? Was it just another gimmick?

When the package finally arrived, I tore it open eagerly. The instructions seemed straightforward enough, so I followed them meticulously, molding the device to fit my teeth. That night, I slipped it in before bed, feeling a mix of skepticism and anticipation.

To my surprise, the first night with SereneSleep Mouthpiece was a revelation. Not only did I sleep more soundly, but my partner reported a drastic reduction in my snoring. It felt like a small miracle.

Weeks passed, and the improvement continued. So today, I’m here to share my entire experience.

What is SereneSleep Mouthpiece?

The SereneSleep Mouthpiece is a dental device designed to alleviate symptoms associated with snoring and potentially sleep apnea by positioning the jaw in a way that promotes better airflow during sleep.

This mouthpiece works by gently moving the lower jaw and tongue forward, which helps to keep the upper airway open and thus can lead to improved oxygen circulation, reduced snoring, and a more restful sleep.

The mouthpiece is made from soft material, designed to offer comfort throughout the night, making it easier for users to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

SereneSleep Mouthpiece

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How Does It Work?

The SereneSleep Mouthpiece works by gently positioning your jaw forward into an optimal sleep position, which helps to widen the airway. This adjustment is crucial because, during sleep, the back of the throat can relax excessively, leading to a collapse of the muscles and blockage of the airway.

The device is designed with different adjustment settings. In other words, you can customise it to fit your mouth. This ensures superior comfort and results for a wide range of users.

More importantly, the mouthpiece is designed to be comfortable to wear, not locking the jaw and allowing for mouth breathing, drinking water, and talking while it’s on.

How to Use SereneSleep Mouthpiece

To properly use the SereneSleep Mouthpiece, follow these steps:

  • Prepare Hot Water: First, immerse the SereneSleep Mouthpiece in hot water. This step is crucial for making the material moldable. The recommended immersion time is between 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure the water is sufficiently hot to soften the mouthpiece but not so hot as to cause damage to the material or pose a risk of burning when handling.
  • Mold the Mouthpiece: After the mouthpiece has been immersed in hot water and has become pliable, carefully remove it from the water. Shake off any excess water. Then, bite down on the mouthpiece as if you were preparing to go to sleep. 
  • Maintain Your Bite: Hold your bite for 20-30 seconds. This duration allows the material to set around your teeth and jaw, creating a custom fit. It’s important to maintain steady bite pressure to ensure an accurate mold.
  • Cooling Down: After molding, it might be necessary to place the mouthpiece in cold water to set the shape firmly. It’s a common practice with moldable mouthpieces to ensure the material sets properly.
  • Fit Check and Adjustments: Once the mouthpiece has cooled and set, try fitting it again to check for comfort and proper fit. If the fit isn’t quite right, you may be able to repeat the molding process. However, be cautious, as repeatedly reheating and molding the mouthpiece can potentially degrade the material over time.
  • Usage: Wear the SereneSleep Mouthpiece during sleep. It works by gently shifting your jaw forward to keep your airway open, which can help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: After each use, wash the mouthpiece with warm water and soap to maintain hygiene. For added convenience, store it in the provided case when not in use.

Remember, while the SereneSleep Mouthpiece is designed for comfort and effectiveness, it’s important to monitor your experience with the device. If you encounter any discomfort or issues with your jaw alignment, consult with a dental professional.

SereneSleep Mouthpiece – Before and After Results

After two months of using the SereneSleep Mouthpiece, the difference is remarkable. Previously, my snoring caused tension in my relationship and disrupted my partner’s sleep.

Now, my nights are peaceful, with significantly reduced snoring reported by my partner. I wake up feeling more rested and energized, and our relationship has improved without the constant disturbance of my snoring.

SereneSleep Mouthpiece has truly transformed my sleep quality and overall well-being in just a short time.

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Pros of SereneSleep Mouthpiece

  • Comfort and Ease of Use: The SereneSleep Mouthpiece is designed with comfort in mind, ensuring that it is easy to wear throughout the night without causing significant discomfort. It does not lock the jaw, allowing for mouth breathing, drinking water, and talking while wearing it.
  • Adjustability: The device features different adjustment settings, which allow users to find the most effective and comfortable position for their jaw to help reduce snoring.
  • Non-Invasive Solution: It offers a non-invasive alternative to more cumbersome treatments like CPAP machines, providing a simpler and potentially more comfortable solution for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea or heavy snoring.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: By addressing snoring and mild cases of sleep apnea, the SereneSleep Mouthpiece can improve overall sleep quality, leading to better rest and potentially reducing health risks associated with poor sleep.

Cons of SereneSleep Mouthpiece

  • Initial Discomfort:  Some users may find the mouthpiece uncomfortable or even painful, especially when first starting to use it.
  • Effectiveness Concerns: While helpful for some, the mouthpiece may not effectively treat heavy snoring caused by conditions like obstructive sleep apnea in all users. 
  • Cost and Insurance Coverage: The cost of SereneSleep Mouthpiece can be a concern for some users, and mouthpieces are often not covered by insurance, especially if used for snoring rather than diagnosed sleep apnea.

Is SereneSleep Mouthpiece a Scam or Legit?

SereneSleep Mouthpiece is not a scam. The device is a non-invasive solution to enhance sleep quality and reduce the discomfort and health issues related to disrupted sleep patterns. It’s part of a broader category of oral appliances used for managing snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

These devices are generally considered for people who cannot tolerate Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy or for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Still, you may consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Where to Buy SereneSleep Mouthpiece?

If you want to buy the SereneSleep Mouthpiece, I’d recommend you to visit the official retail store.

They’re currently selling it at a fraction of the original price, but I’m not sure if the price might go up soon.

I bought my SereneSleep Mouthpiece from the official retail store, and I have no regrets.

The customer service was excellent, and my order arrived quickly.

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1. Is SereneSleep Mouthpiece safe to use?

Yes, SereneSleep Mouthpiece has been cleared by the FDA for reducing snoring and is considered safe for most people. If you have underlying health conditions, however, you should always consult with a healthcare professional before using a new medical device.

2. How long does it take to see results with SereneSleep Mouthpiece?

Many users report immediate or noticeable improvements in their snoring after using SereneSleep Mouthpiece for the first time. However, it may take some time for you to get used to wearing it constantly at night.

3. Can SereneSleep Mouthpiece help with sleep apnea?

SereneSleep Mouthpiece is primarily designed to reduce snoring. But some users with mild to moderate sleep apnea may also benefit. For severe sleep apnea, you need to talk to a medical professional.

4. Is there a money-back guarantee with SereneSleep Mouthpiece?

Yes, SereneSleep Mouthpiece offers a 30-night money-back guarantee to new customers. If you are not satisfied with the device for any reason within the first 30 nights of use, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

SereneSleep Mouthpiece Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 59 reviews)
Very good7%

April 17, 2024

I began using this for naps. After 3 weeks my tongue got used to it so it was ready for night time sleep. Just be sure to at least rinse it after every use. This makes for better adhesion of the tongue to the device.

Avatar for B

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for sharing your experience with the SereneSleep Mouthpiece! It’s great to hear that you’ve found a routine that works for you by starting with naps. Your tip about rinsing the mouthpiece after each use is very helpful for maintaining good hygiene and ensuring the device functions properly. We appreciate your feedback and are glad the mouthpiece is serving you well!

March 27, 2024

Does take some getting used to. But if you stick with it it works. Don’t have a problem with it falling out

Avatar for Laker1354

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We’re glad to hear that you’re finding success with the SereneSleep Mouthpiece! It’s true that like many new things, there can be an adjustment period. Your perseverance is commendable, and it’s fantastic that the mouthpiece stays in place throughout the night. Thank you for sticking with it and for your positive feedback!

March 10, 2024

I have tried everything, including c-pap, etc. NOTHING has worked! This little gizmo actually did the trick! It’s a little hard to get used to – it only took me one night – but once you figure out the pressure seal & how much you need, it’s very easy. Compared to all the other stuff out there – that doesn’t work – this little gadget is genius!Thank You! Thank You!UPDATE AFTER USING FOR 2 WEEKS: It really hurt my tongue at first – like extremely painful. It took me a while to get over that part. Try it every other night for a couple of weeks to give your tongue a chance to feel better. And, I found I can’t put my entire tongue in the “hole”. I only put the tip of my tongue in – it still works without so much pressure on my tongue. Still, a great product! UPDATE!! After much trial and error, I found a way to keep this in my mouth, all night, all the time!! Disposable paper dust masks! Unlike medical masks, which are painfully tight to wear, dust masks are light weight, and the elastic is loose and won’t hurt your ears or face. I cut a 1″ hole in the nose piece so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating. These masks fit snugly under the chin, and keep the mouth piece snug. You don’t have to use any pressure on the mouth piece itself anymore either. Just put it in, and it’s there for the night! The manufacturer needs to sell these along with their mouth piece – with this mask added, this little anti-snore mouthpiece is absolutely PERFECT!!

Avatar for Chris

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Wow, thank you so much for your detailed feedback and innovative solution! It sounds like you’ve really found a way to make the SereneSleep Mouthpiece work perfectly for you. Your initial perseverance and creative use of a dust mask to keep the mouthpiece in place overnight are truly inspiring.

December 26, 2023

These work pretty good for snorers but it takes getting used to

Avatar for NWM

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for your feedback! It’s encouraging to hear that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece is effective for you. We understand that there can be an adjustment period, but it’s great to know that you’re seeing positive results.

December 9, 2023

Works as advertised, I bought after I purchased one that was more like a football mouthpiece. It is a little better because it holds the mouth open a bit. The old guard was moving my teeth around and changed my bite.

Avatar for Laurie
November 16, 2023

This guard is easy to use. All of these types of guards are bulky, but you get used to it. The boil and bite process was easy and the guard comes apart easily for cleaning.

Avatar for kathyb

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We’re glad to hear that you found the boil and bite process straightforward and that the guard is easy to use and clean. While it’s true that these types of guards can feel bulky at first, it’s great that you’ve adapted to it. Your feedback is appreciated, and it helps others know what to expect. Thank you for sharing your experience!

November 11, 2023

takes a little getting used to, but surprisingly this product really works great! Have a couple of friends interested in buying one… will certainly recommend.

Avatar for Jerry

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

It’s fantastic to hear that the product has worked well for you and that you’ve had a good experience with it.

October 24, 2023


Avatar for kenason
October 21, 2023

When I purchased this, I really did not know what to expect. It did take some getting used to. I mean it took a month or more. And, my lips were terribly irritated for a while, but I hung in there and my husband says that I am very quiet these days. I do think I get better quality sleep now.

Avatar for Mike Burgener
Mike Burgener

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We appreciate you sharing your journey with the SereneSleep Mouthpiece. It sounds like it was a bit of a challenge at first, especially with the irritation you experienced, but we’re so glad to hear that you persevered and are now enjoying quieter nights and better quality sleep.

October 8, 2023

More durable than a simple silicone one in that this has a plastic frame that anchors the silicon teeth trays in place, yet does so unobtrusively and comfortably. This one is also adjustable and allows you to position your mandible forward a variable degree, although the millimeter scale on the side is too tiny to be very useful. Also, there is no tongue tip depressor tab at the inside front area if you’re a tongue humper overnight. Finally, a couple tips. If you decide to obtain a free second mouthpiece if offered, it might be wise (when molding it around your teeth for the setup) to adjust that one’s lower piece a bit more forward than the first one, so you can try both positions/configurations. I found that jutting the lower piece gives me a more open airway. Second tip is you may want to try this (and any) mouthpiece with an apnea jaw strap to help keep your mouth even more firmly aligned and closed upon the mouthpiece. Doing so really enhanced my results overnight and eliminated early awakenings. Some antidepressants and similar meds or tryptophan can cause jaw tension, so in that case a jaw strap might especially be a good add on. I’m pleased with the product. I firmly believe it’s the best of many and will last a few years at least.

Avatar for Mr Namez
Mr Namez

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for your detailed review and helpful tips! It’s great to hear that you find the SereneSleep Mouthpiece durable and comfortable due to its plastic frame and adjustable features. Your suggestion about using a second mouthpiece with a slightly different configuration is an excellent tip for others who might be exploring how to best use the product for their needs.

October 7, 2023

After trying many brands of mouth guards, throat sprays, sleeping positions, etc I finally decided to give this goofy looking thing a try. Very glad I did as it is the only thing that has worked. Occasionally I will wake up noticing it but when you find the right amount of suction it actually is not uncomfortable. No sore jaw or excess drooling like with mouth guards. And so much cheaper than most other options. Highly recommend trying it.

Avatar for eric mercer
eric mercer

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We’re thrilled to hear that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece has been effective for you after trying various other solutions! It’s always encouraging to know that our product stands out as a comfortable and affordable option. Your experience with finding the right amount of suction and the benefits it brings is invaluable for others considering this mouthpiece.

October 4, 2023

Crazy how well this works! After all that money and effort for the cpap machine. It’s really worth a try for you.

Avatar for Lesa M. Pierce
Lesa M. Pierce

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for sharing your positive experience! It’s fantastic to hear that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece has been a successful alternative to more expensive and cumbersome solutions like the CPAP machine.

October 1, 2023

Helped me a lot good snoring solution

Avatar for Mike

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece has helped you significantly as a snoring solution.

September 27, 2023

While there was some initial discomfort and jaw soreness after using it for a few nights, I was able to adjust to the mouth guard relatively quickly. The custom molding feature allowed me to get a good fit, and the adjustability made it easy to make small tweaks over time. It’s also relatively easy to clean and store, and the included case is a nice touch.

What I appreciate most about this mouth guard is that it’s a great replacement for my CPAP machine when traveling. It’s much more compact and portable, making it easy to bring with me on the go. While it may not be as effective as a CPAP machine in terms of keeping my airways open, it’s still a solid solution that allows me to get a good night’s sleep while traveling.

Avatar for Kimble South
Kimble South

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

We appreciate your detailed feedback on the SereneSleep Mouthpiece, especially regarding its ease of use, custom molding feature, and portability. It’s great to hear that you’ve found it to be a convenient alternative to your CPAP machine while traveling.

September 27, 2023

Snoring at night has always affected the sleep of family members. I found one on the Internet and evaluated it as effective. After using it, it really didn’t make so much noise. At first, I was not used to it. Now I’m used to it, and I will continue to use it. Small artifact has great effect

Avatar for Rafael Verdejo
Rafael Verdejo

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for sharing your experience with the SereneSleep Mouthpiece! It’s wonderful to hear that it has significantly reduced your snoring and improved the sleep quality for your family members. Your initial adjustment period is a common experience, and it’s great to know that you’ve become accustomed to the mouthpiece.

September 26, 2023

Wear it at night when you go to bed. The material has no peculiar smell. The product is very comfortable to use. It can reduce snoring. I am very satisfied. The quality of the product is good, the material is good, and there is no discomfort

Avatar for Wesley Pyle
Wesley Pyle

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for your positive review! We’re glad to hear that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece is comfortable, odor-free, and effective in reducing your snoring.

September 26, 2023

It’s very easy to use. It’s very effective to stop snoring. It’s a bit awkward to wear at the beginning. I’ll get used to it after a while. The sleeping quality is also very good. I don’t snore after using it. It’s practical, convenient and satisfactory

Avatar for Mark Mccurley
Mark Mccurley

Response from Online Sleep Doctor

Thank you for your feedback! It’s great to know that the SereneSleep Mouthpiece is easy to use and has effectively stopped your snoring.

September 20, 2023

This is the best nightguard I have used! It is a great fit and so great being able to fit it at home instead of going into the doctors!!! would definitely recommend!

Avatar for Daniel J Barbeau
Daniel J Barbeau
September 17, 2023

Great product so much easier than mouth masks.Takes a bit to get use to but stick with it will work!

Avatar for spvas
September 15, 2023

I’ve been keeping my wife up snoring for many years. I had a sleep test and was diagnosed with apnea. I tried a CPAP and felt like I was drowning so avoided treating myself. Now I’ve tried this device with great success. I coupled it with some nose silicone tubes that help open my nasal passage and the combination does the trick. I breath all night through my nose and do not snore. I feel more refreshed in the morning.I takes a night or two to get used to the suction on your tongue but after a short time you get used to it.

Avatar for Dean V Nicolacakis
Dean V Nicolacakis
September 10, 2023

I have sleep apnea. The C pap is not for me. This mouthpiece is the perfect solution. I can relax knowing I will be okay through the night. I even bought one for my sister and her husband. They love it.

Avatar for Linda
September 7, 2023

This works wonderfully-use to rock the house with snoring and had periods of gasping for air during the night-this has taken care of it. Highly recommend

Avatar for Sundance
August 28, 2023

Arrived on time, no problem with packaging.

Avatar for Greg Ford
Greg Ford
August 27, 2023

I’ve been suffering from sleep apnea / snoring since I was a teenager so this device is really a revelation for me: lots more energy in the day (before I couldnt make it through the day without a nap).It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but you get used to it after about a week. And it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as a CPAP machine, which I have also tried to no avail.

Avatar for Hennessey Chang
Hennessey Chang
August 21, 2023

I started using the mouthpiece and it has been working. My wife says I don’t keep her up at night snoring so I know it works! I have done research on mouth pieces and what makes this unique is that it keeps your lower jaw pushed forward a half an inch which opens up your pathway to breathing at night. If you lay down on your back and just relax your jaw you will eventually snore due to the back of your throat relaxing and blocking your air passage. If you force your lower jaw forward your air passage opens up. I tried that and it works. The mouth piece holds your lower jaw forward for you so you can sleep at night without air restriction.

Avatar for Jason
August 20, 2023

I have tried over 5 products to reduce or stop snoring ( nose strips, jaw strap, mouth guard, nose plus, mouth taping) and this is the first product that words 100% of the time, every night. It takes some getting used to (suction wise) so that it stays on comfortably, but isn’t too tight. I also am getting much better sleep!

Avatar for The Rogers Family
The Rogers Family
August 14, 2023

if ur really tired, than u put it on. otherwise its uncomfortable to wait to fall asleep with it. looks weird but its one of the few things that works. You need to breathe through your nose so make sure you are not congested.

Avatar for Sumone
August 5, 2023

First off IT WORKS! With that said it takes a few nights to get used to. Dont give up after your first night or so. Like others have stated…USE THE FACTORY SETTING. This moves your lower jaw forward just enough to keep your airway open. Your front top teeth will ache a little (not bad at all). Make sure your mold is deep enough your top teeth sit firmly on place of mouthpiece. Again dont get frustrated. The best approach is stay busy all day and be sure you are tired, ready and wanting to go to bed. This will help with falling asleep quick and giving you a shot at keeping mouthpiece in the entire nights sleep.

Avatar for Wonderworldmarvel
July 31, 2023

My boyfriend is a loud snorer and wanted to try something that would minimize the noise, we gave it a few days to track the effectiveness and it works! I didn’t wake up to any snoring sounds, and my boyfriend said they were really comfortable, he forgot he had it on! i recommend this product.

Avatar for Grace Garcia
Grace Garcia
July 27, 2023

I knew this product for the first time, and I couldn’t wait to use it at night after receiving the goods. The next day when I woke up, my family said that the voice was smaller than before. I also feel that I wake up much more relaxed than before and use it to sleep much better. This product solves a big problem for me. What a great product!

Avatar for Jenny Moya
Jenny Moya
July 26, 2023

Great easy to use and clean love it

Avatar for Kim Nelson Rodgers
Kim Nelson Rodgers
July 22, 2023

This product works, but you have to get used to it. Give it time… You’ll be glad you did.

Avatar for beachprncss
July 19, 2023

I have been severely snoring for several years. I recently bought this artifact. Although I was not used to it at first, it feels good after using it and I can sleep at ease. I am very satisfied and worth buying.

Avatar for Nathan Connell
Nathan Connell
July 18, 2023

I have been using nasal strips and hated them so opted to use nothing but was then fed up with the snoring and glad i tried this!The mouth guard fits snug between both rows of my teeth. It took me a few days to get use to sleeping with something in my mouth. But now I’m okay. It’s also easy to clean and leaves no weird taste in my mouth.I bought the product to compare against a mandibular positioning device (the mouthguard that moves your lower jaw forward). The product arrived quickly and was exactly as described. The difference in my snore scores says it all. I’ll usually wake up for some reason or my BF will nudge me and I’ll put it back in and have a restful sleep for both of us. I highly recommend this, and will be ordering another one to have as a spare.

Avatar for Daniel Opstelten
Daniel Opstelten
July 15, 2023

I have been using a CPAP machine for the past 4 years or so. I’ve done lots of research and tried many different products , dentist made mouth guards, ect. ect. to solve my sleep apnea problem because I simply CAN’T STAND that machine! I used this for awhile but I think I was using too much suction and it made my toungr feel numb and weird. After more research I discovered that the tounge is the main cause of sleep apnea so i decided to do a week trial and not use so much presure on my tounge. Now after over a week ive recorded my snoring every night on 2 different phone apps and I am officially a ” light” snorer. I jo longer wake up gasping for air. I LOVE this simple little thing. I have a feelinh the medical industry does not want too many people to know there is a cheap effective way to cure sleep apnea. Well folks, let me tell you, this is it! Best part, traveing has become a joy again!

Avatar for Gail
July 10, 2023

There must be a trick to using this that I can’t figure out. It feels like it’s trying to pull my tongue out.

Avatar for CR
July 8, 2023

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and was prescribed a CPAP. I had an awful time getting use to wearing it. My mother, who has had sleep apnea for many years, told me that she recently discovered the tongue retainer, and really liked it. I bought this one (my mom paid $70 for some name brand one) and has been great. Stopped my snoring completely and works great at keeping my soft palate from closing my throat (sleep apnea). It may not work for all types of sleep apnea, as there are different causes, but definitely worth a shot.

Avatar for Matt
July 3, 2023

Great product. Blows Zippah out of the water.

Avatar for Leo
June 29, 2023

It’s taking some getting used to it but I’m happy with the results. I have the snore app and it definitely shows it works. I’m so pleased.

Avatar for Lisa
June 15, 2023

It works! But my tongue hurts

Avatar for Yanan
June 13, 2023

It is work, according to my wife’s description, my snoring will not affect her rest.

Avatar for Barb Barton
Barb Barton
May 3, 2023


Avatar for Jack
May 2, 2023

I like it but sometimes it does not stay in while sleeping. Overall quite effective.

Avatar for Vicki
April 12, 2023

It was hard to use at first, but once you get use to it, it works as advertised. No snoring, breathe easy, best product i ever bought, ever. My sleep apnia machine didnt even stop me from snoring, as it was never a nasal issue, it is the collaps of the soft tissue in the lower esophogus. This item pulls upwards so it will not collape.

Avatar for Todd Nakai
Todd Nakai
March 21, 2023

After trying several products, this is the only one that worked for me! Great product!

Avatar for Thirumurthy P Arun
Thirumurthy P Arun
March 13, 2023

Definitely worth giving a shot. I had no disappointment so far. It’s totally a best accompanion for me every night I sleep. No hard feeling to bother anymore. I like this deal very much.

Avatar for Ina Ooi
Ina Ooi
March 12, 2023

Very good and not a bad option though if you want to have one. Bang for bucks and it’s gonna be the greatest one imo ! I do recommend it as I sleep really welle every night with this.

Avatar for Les Lee
Les Lee
March 10, 2023

Great-made ! The stuff looks sturdy and ergonomic to fit. No bad smells or unpleasant at all. My nose is alright with this kit and I can’t stop loving it ! it soothes me greatly !

Avatar for Mark Richmond
Mark Richmond
March 9, 2023

I have always snored every night I sleep. In my opinion, it is much better and easier to use than the mouth strips. I like that it is reasonably priced and it is easy to use. My whole family says that I no longer snore when using it. I am satisfied with my purchase.

Avatar for Amelia Susanna
Amelia Susanna
March 7, 2023

I inserted it into my mouth and went to sleep. The result was amazingly incredible. I recorded my sleep and my snoring was reduced drastically. The first night, i had a great sleep and huge reduction in snoring. It was not the freight train sound anymore. I had a bit of drooling (eww) and i went straight to bathroom to take the devise off. I had a bit of bleeding when i rinsed my mouth but there was no feeling of any cut or pain whatsoever. It felt a bit weird closing my teeth together as it was temporary misaligned because of the setting i made to the product. The second night i noticed a little bleeding again during rinse off the next morning. Still no pain nor cut. And the 3rd time, there was no bleeding at all. I usually sleep on my back and then switch to my sides, never on my chest. Depending on how far you set the devise, you might experience little drooling if you sleep on your chest or sides. I notice i don’t get that when i’m on my back. Again, it depends on the settings, if you set it so that your mouth easily closes, then you won’t drool, but that might not be the most effective setting as in my case. So a balance has to be struck. It takes a few nights of playing around with. Overall, I will give this product a 5 star. For the price in comparison to its effectiveness. I will recommend this.

Avatar for Kristine Later
Kristine Later
March 6, 2023

Finally a device that stops my snoring! I have tried several other types of devices to no avail. I have been using this product for months and have not snored once! My wife even lets me sleep in our bed with her again! Thank you!

Avatar for Nathan H.
Nathan H.
February 26, 2023

Seems to do what it is supposed to

Avatar for steve
February 23, 2023

I have tried other types but they don’t work. The key thing that makes this work is adjusting the fitment to push your jaw line forward. I sleep better and wake up refreshed and sharp.

Avatar for Darius
February 6, 2023

I like this product. It is slightly big for my mouth, but I love how it clicks into place. It does a great job. Would like a smaller mouth option. I have had this problem with other ones I have tried.

Avatar for AlfredENeuman
January 28, 2023


Avatar for Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
January 11, 2023

I have tried multiple anti-snoring devices and found each, and everyone, to be be uncomfortable, ill fitting, and too large. I ordered the Tranquillon mouthpiece and didn’t expect anything better. I was wrong. The fit is much more comfortable than any other mouthpiece that I have tried. It is comfortable to wear throughout the night and does an excellent job of preventing snoring. This is my second purchase.

Avatar for Linda E
Linda E
January 5, 2023

Works for me. Improved sleep.

Avatar for Bruce B.
Bruce B.
January 5, 2023

I snore REALLY loud this device keeps me from snoring

Avatar for Sherri Ann Krambeer
Sherri Ann Krambeer
January 3, 2023

2nd one I have ordered as a replacement. Works well once you get used to it.

Avatar for John


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