Necklow Pillow Reviews: Scam or Legit?



As someone who has struggled with neck pain for years, finding a comfortable sleeping position has always been a challenge. Countless mornings began with stiffness and discomfort, making me dread getting out of bed. That was until I discovered the Necklow Sleep Pillow. 

From the first night I used it, I noticed a significant difference. The unique design of the pillow, featuring 8 million micro airballs, adapted perfectly to my sleeping posture, providing the support my neck desperately needed. 

This pillow has not only improved my sleep quality but has also become a crucial part of my nightly routine to ensure I wake up pain-free and refreshed.

Let me share the details below.

What is Necklow Pillow?

The Necklow Pillow is a specialized sleep pillow that features a unique design and construction to promote better sleep posture and alleviate neck and back pain. It is a larger-than-average pillow, measuring 22 inches x 13 inches x 5 inches (55cm x 34cm x 13cm).

The key feature of the Necklow Pillow is its interior, which is filled with 8 million micro air balls or spheres. These air balls are designed to conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing customized support and evenly distributing your weight throughout the pillow.

Necklow Pillow Review

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How Does It Work?

The Necklow Pillow works by adapting to your sleeping position, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. The micro air balls inside the pillow shift and mold to the contours of your head and neck, creating a supportive cradle that maintains the natural curvature of your spine.

The pillow’s ergonomic design includes two upper support areas and one side support area. These contoured sections help to properly align your neck and shoulders, reducing strain and tension on your muscles and joints.

Pros and Cons of Necklow Pillow

The Pros

  • Supports the natural curvature of the spine, reducing neck and back pain.
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions (side, back, stomach).
  • Ideal for people with skin conditions like eczema and acne.
  • Promotes air circulation to keep you cool during sleep.
  • Machine-washable.
  • Many users report improved sleep quality and reduced neck pain.

The Cons

  • May emit a strong odor for a few days after first use.
  • Some users find it too firm or uncomfortable.

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How to Use Necklow Pillow

To get the most out of the Necklow Pillow, it is important to ensure it is positioned correctly depending on your sleeping style:

  • Back Sleepers: Place the pillow under your head with the thicker part under your neck to support the natural curve of the cervical spine.
  • Side Sleepers: The pillow should support both the head and neck to keep the spine in a horizontal line.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Although less common, stomach sleepers can use the pillow to provide gentle support, ideally using the thinner part of the pillow to avoid forcing the neck into an unnatural angle.

For optimal use, it is recommended to allow the pillow to fully expand after unpacking and to air it out if there is any initial off-gassing smell. Regular cleaning of the pillowcase according to the manufacturer’s instructions will help maintain hygiene and longevity of the pillow.

Is Necklow Pillow Legit?

Yes, it’s legitimate neck pillow. The pillow has received numerous positive reviews from verified buyers, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The pillow is made from high-quality materials, including 8 million micro air balls that provide consistent support and comfort.

The company offers a 30-night free trial and free returns, which reflects their confidence in the product and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Where to Buy Necklow Pillow?

I purchased the Necklow Pillow directly from the official retailer store. They’re now offering a big discount but I’m not sure if the price might rise soon.

The delivery is fast. My pillow arrived in a week in a well-packaged box. I also appreciate their top-notch customer service. If you have any questions, just send them an email. You can expect to get a reply in 12 hours. 

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1. What materials are used in the Necklow Pillow?

The Necklow Pillow is made from a unique blend of materials designed for comfort and support. It features a combination of micro airballs and memory foam, which adapt to the shape of your head and neck, providing tailored support throughout the night.

2. Is the Necklow Pillow suitable for all sleeping positions?

Yes, the Necklow Pillow is versatile and designed to accommodate all sleeping positions. Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, the pillow adjusts to support your specific needs, helping to maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce discomfort.

3. Can the Necklow Pillow cover be washed?

Yes, the Necklow Pillow comes with a removable and washable cover. This makes it easy to keep the pillow clean and hygienic. It is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity of the pillow.

4. How does the Necklow Pillow help with neck pain?

The Necklow Pillow is specifically designed to provide optimal support for the neck and head, which can help alleviate neck pain. By maintaining proper alignment of the spine and relieving pressure points, the pillow helps to reduce stress on the neck muscles and joints during sleep.

5. How long does the Necklow Pillow last?

The durability of the Necklow Pillow depends on usage and care. However, high-quality materials and construction suggest that it should maintain its shape and support for several years with proper care. Regular cleaning and following the manufacturer’s care instructions will help extend the life of your pillow.

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Necklow Pillow Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 56 reviews)
Very good11%

January 30, 2024

I’ve spent lots of money buying pillows that are new and improved. Mostly, I fight with them every night. I used the buckwheat filled ones for over 30 years great pillows. Lately they hurt my ears as I am mostly a side sleeper. Found these microbes to be perfect! Dream pillow it is! Just my size too.

Avatar for Aurelie Barrows
Aurelie Barrows
January 30, 2024

Forms perfectly to upper shoulders and neck. Imagine laying on a beach and gently moving until you receive the perfect support. I broke my neck (C-6) nine years ago. Tried numerous pillows including fiberfill, latex and memory foam. All caused me to wake with neck pain. This gives support I need in the specific area needed. Also excellent to hold throat in position to significantly reduce snoring. This is my second one. Seems small, but works fantastic. My sleep and life would be miserable without this wonderful micro-bead pillow!

Avatar for Clemens Smitham
Clemens Smitham
January 16, 2024

Necklow Pillow is my favorite pillow, it supports my head well without being too firm. Also it tends to keep cool enough that I don’t need to flip it when I feel hot.

Avatar for Brody Beatty
Brody Beatty
January 13, 2024

It isn’t too large and you can adjust it for a comfortable nights sleep. So happy I found it again. I have owned several.

Avatar for Jane Mabasa
Jane Mabasa
January 7, 2024

I bought one of these ten years ago because of the “as seen on TV” craze in the 2010’s. Since then, I have always purchased these pillows to use as my main pillow. It does smells like styrofoam, yes. It is also a little plump when you first get it. Once you “break it in,” however, the smell goes away and it will forever be a pillow that “fills in the gaps” if you are a side sleeper. Because they a small styrofoam beads, they just sort of fill in the area of where you would need support from a pillow. Like I’ve said, I have used this as my main pillow for ten years, and have only needed to replace it twice (probably should have replaced it more but I got lazy). This is the third purchase of the pillow and I am just happy they haven’t gone out of business after ten years.

Avatar for Mylene Feeney
Mylene Feeney
January 6, 2024

She loves her squishy pillow as she calls it. This is the second one I have bought as I originally bought it for me.

Avatar for Seamus Steuber
Seamus Steuber
January 5, 2024

I love these Necklow Pillow! I just wish that I would have paid more attention to the size. They are priced good but they are smaller and would be better on a couch instead of a bed.

Avatar for Jordan Hunter
Jordan Hunter
December 30, 2023

We have four of these and use them as extra support when doing things like reading or watching TV. They’ve always been consistent and quality and I like them.

Avatar for Peter Akashaba
Peter Akashaba
December 19, 2023

My father is disabled and stays in a lot of pain this pillow has helped to support his head my only regret is that I didn’t find this sooner

Avatar for Kacey Reynolds
Kacey Reynolds
December 11, 2023

Necklow Pillow is the best pillow I have ever found. This is the third one I’ve had in 10 years soft easy to adjust. Stay cool, I love it.

Avatar for Ronald Mugisha
Ronald Mugisha
December 3, 2023

Necklow Pillow is my favorite pillow. The one I have is about 5 years old so it is time for another one and I’m gladly making the purchase. Grabbing one for my husband too because he takes naps with mine which means he needs his own lol

Avatar for Matteo Borer
Matteo Borer
November 21, 2023

perfect pillow for neck injuries and alignment of the cervical area of the spine

Avatar for Cleta Bosco
Cleta Bosco
November 15, 2023

I use it to provide squishable support for neck and shoulder.

Avatar for Mini Misra
Mini Misra
October 19, 2023

Cradles your neck and head perfectly, best night sleep in ages!

Avatar for Bianca Alexander
Bianca Alexander
October 16, 2023

I would like the pillow case that fits the contour of the pillow. I have had my own for the past 8 years and love this very much. The purchase is a gift and I would like to have both items. Please reply as I called after the wrong items were sent on my earlier order and returned to you earlier this month. Thankyou!!!

Avatar for Clifford Mashego
Clifford Mashego
October 1, 2023

Product is great, just difficult to keep a pillow slip on it.

Avatar for Grace Shaw
Grace Shaw
September 8, 2023

Love this pillow. I can comfortably sleep on my side and arrange this pillow to support my neck. Very comfortable!

Avatar for Mohammad Mugisa
Mohammad Mugisa
August 20, 2023

Necklow Pillow works very well if you have neck pain. It allows you to move the beads around to where you need the support and where you dont. Very comfortable

Avatar for Ajay Baria
Ajay Baria
August 19, 2023

Was delivered quickly. The only pillow I can use that doesn’t make my neck hurt.

Avatar for Azubuike Sylvester
Azubuike Sylvester
August 12, 2023

Comfort was what I was looking for on a pillow for my neck and back supportI have been bedridden for quite some time and have purchased several pillows that were supposed to give support ease and comfortThis one is the only one that has delivered exactly what I was looking for and needed

Avatar for Marlen Luettgen
Marlen Luettgen
August 8, 2023

I am a side and stomach sleeper. I am 79 years old and this is the most comfortable pillow I have EVER used! It is not as large as a standard pillow. It comes with one pillow case. I got an extra one.

Avatar for Rosamond Muller
Rosamond Muller
August 4, 2023

She had an old one that was past due for replacement. I bought her this new one and she was all smiles

Avatar for Nigel Phiri
Nigel Phiri
July 28, 2023

Been looking for a soft to touch but firm pillow to keep my neck aligned as I’m a stomach sleeper. This pillow provided just that. 10/10

Avatar for Jacqueline Oosthuizen
Jacqueline Oosthuizen
July 25, 2023

I am an advocate for micro bead pillows and have been for years . This is a great pillow for home as well as for travel and even on flights . Very reasonably priced and they hold up ! I highly recommend this !

Avatar for Adedayo Mutiat
Adedayo Mutiat
July 10, 2023

I’ve had mine 6 or 7 years, which is probably too long. I love my pillow so much, I didn’t want ever to replace it. However, when I unzipped and removed the cover recently to wash it, I noticed a fine dust inside, caused by disintegrated beads. (I use a regular pillow case instead of sleeping on the provided cover.) Time to replace my pillow! I am so glad the company is still in business. Best pillow ever. No more neck pain. I take it with me whenever I travel. I gave one to my grown son, and he takes his everywhere too. It is shapable, and so comfy to bunch into whatever shape or thickness I need for sleeping on my back, left side, or right side (I need a lower height for one side). The only thing I’ve ever disliked is that it is a bit noisy, but I’m sensitive to sound. I simply wear silicone earplugs while I sleep. Best pillow ever, and no allergy issues.

Avatar for Rupal Mishra
Rupal Mishra
June 15, 2023

My sister had one of these for years & loved it until her cat peed on it. So I ordered her this one which she stated was the same as the one she had (the old one she washed & now the cat has another place to lay on). She says this pillow is so comfortable to sleep on. Highly recommended.

Avatar for Tyler Davies
Tyler Davies
June 4, 2023

Necklow Pillow were smaller than I thought but husband still uses both of them. The zippered cases wash up easily but don’t put them in the dryer. They dry rather quickly by hanging up.

Avatar for Lexi Martin
Lexi Martin
May 30, 2023

Doctor recommended Necklow Pillow because I have a new first in life problem where my neck (when laying down only) hurts really bad near skull as if weight of skull on pillow is pinching a nerve constantly and unrelentingly. Doc says it is damaged sisc near top of neck. After a couple of weeks to get used to it, I bow love this pillow and rely on this pillow. The pain was unforgiving and unrelenting all night and have me a bad headache but that seems to be largely controlled by this pillow bow. I really doubted it would help and was quite dejected, but to my pleasant surprise it finally started to help a lot. I recommend for problems like this.

Avatar for Riaan Nkomo
Riaan Nkomo
May 27, 2023

I have a very short neck with lots of issues. This pillow helps make comfortable sleep possible and small enough for easy travel. Thank you!!!

Avatar for Adegoke Ladega
Adegoke Ladega
May 25, 2023

My husband has had two neck surgeries and this is the only pillow he is comfortable sleeping on.

Avatar for Seema Jain
Seema Jain
May 22, 2023

It’s the only pillow I use, I don’t wake up with stiff muscles and I have a very restful sleep .

Avatar for Hollie Reid
Hollie Reid
May 17, 2023

Love the softness and the support Just what I expected it would be.

Avatar for Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts
May 14, 2023

I don’t use it for my head but for my legs. I broke both legs skiing and after 6 weeks at the hospital, sleeping on my back, looking straight up, I was finally in my own bed; my legs are better and I use the pillow for when I sleep on my side (99% of the time). I found this pillow soft enough and very maleable so I put it right between my knees. I had tried everything, including full body pillows, but this is the only thing that has worked. I keep it out of a cover so that it stretches and molds to my legs even better.

Avatar for Elmer Parker
Elmer Parker
May 13, 2023

Necklow Pillow is the best product I have found for my spine problems. I use one for my neck/head and one for my knees for support.

Avatar for Emil Toy
Emil Toy
April 24, 2023

I’ve newly discovered that I get a better nights sleep with a pillow filled with beads. It’s somewhat malleable and quite comfortable.

Avatar for Kaleb Heller
Kaleb Heller
April 20, 2023

I sleep so much better with this pillow! It’s definitely worth trying it out!

Avatar for Bernice Price
Bernice Price
April 12, 2023

I love Necklow Pillow. I have been using it for about three months now and my aching, stiff neck is gone. It has the extra stuffing on the sides of the pillow so when you roll on your side you have the support you need. It is thinner in the middle so when sleeping on your back you have the support – and not too much – that you need. it has been a wonderful addition to my sleeping routine. I take it with me when I travel. I finally found the pillow I need.

Avatar for Ima Pouros
Ima Pouros
March 23, 2023

Nothing to dislike, but you have to buy a new one like yearly, beads break down. But I love it

Avatar for Iliana Kutch
Iliana Kutch
March 18, 2023

I love Necklow Pillow. It cradles my neck and has great support. I’ve been using these pillows for more than 10 years and replace the pillows like any ordinary pillow

Avatar for Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas
March 17, 2023

I have purchased the Necklow Pillow for years. They were perfect for my head and neck support. They did seem to stretch out quickly, though. After leaving my beloved pillow in a hotel room, I went online to replace it. I found this one on sale and decided to try it. First night was awesome! It is more firm than the Sobokawa, but I am hoping this means it will not stretch out as quickly. Thinking to grab another one as a backup! Definitely recommend!

Avatar for Mozelle Quigley
Mozelle Quigley
March 14, 2023

I have had 2 of these previously. Left one in a hotel and totally wore the other one out. So I ordered 2 more!

Avatar for Chantelle Padayachee
Chantelle Padayachee
March 13, 2023

My head will stay in any position on pillow: high, low or turned. Helps my neck pain and mild “apnea”. Wife now has one. almost no snoring and she likes!

Avatar for Alycia Farrell
Alycia Farrell
March 13, 2023

Got this for my boyfriend because his pillows are old and caused him pain. He said it’s very comfy, cooling and helped with his neck and shoulder pain

Avatar for Cindy Murungi
Cindy Murungi
March 12, 2023

I could not sleep without this pillow. Have a bad neck, this pillow conforms to what you need.

Avatar for Terence Rautenbach
Terence Rautenbach
March 8, 2023

Love this Necklow Pillow, it’s a replacement for my original one. Have been having great sleep, no aches, no regrets on this pillow. My only problem now is finding a pillowcase that fits. Have had to send back two for not fitting. Searching for the right size pillowcase.

Avatar for Ursula Williamson
Ursula Williamson
February 23, 2023

Wonderful pillow!!! Very comfortable and made well. Delivered early.

Avatar for Abigail Mushabe
Abigail Mushabe
February 21, 2023

I love the Necklow Pillow. They conform to any body part you wish (head, neck, knees, ankles). The pillow is washable and very durable. I had to get one for my grandson because he loves to use mine when he visits.

Avatar for Akande Mukaram
Akande Mukaram
February 17, 2023

Very comfortable. Doesn’t get hot like some bead pillows I’ve had.

Avatar for Lenore Eichmann
Lenore Eichmann
February 15, 2023

I am primarily a side sleeper and was looking for something soft but with enough support for my neck. I used this for a week before writing the review so I could really test it out. The first night I wasn’t impressed and wasn’t sure I’d continue to use it but stuck it out. So glad I did! I took the pillow case off as the product details suggested that if you want a softer pillow. That made a noticeable difference right away! It is sort of noisy when you move but I’ve used small pillows with the micro beads before so that wasn’t a surprise. Still over all a very comfy and supportive pillow and works perfect for side sleeping or on your back.

Avatar for Francisco Aufderhar
Francisco Aufderhar
January 19, 2023

Would definitely recommend Necklow Pillow. The first night my husband noticed a difference in his sleep.

Avatar for Horace Roberts
Horace Roberts
January 18, 2023

Necklow Pillow is the PERFECT pillow. My husband has considerable neck pain from his injuries he sustained in Iraq and has struggled to find a pillow that is comfortable for him. This pillow offer support but isn’t to firm, and he has sleep apnea and has to wear a mask and this pillow gives him the “give” he needs to be comfortable no matter what position he sleeps. He also love this pillow because it doesnt make him to hot, the filling is airy enough that it keeps him cool as well. Will definitely be ordering an extra to have for travel.

Avatar for Rashad Toy
Rashad Toy
January 15, 2023

I use Necklow Pillow as knee support and like that it doesn’t shift, unless I re position it.

Avatar for Obaid Gola
Obaid Gola
January 14, 2023

Just what I ordered it’s my favorite pillow and does what I bought it for, I adjusted to it quickly awesome pillow

Avatar for Veda Terry
Veda Terry
January 14, 2023

I have found these pillows hold my head in perfect alignment when on my back or sides. My daily neck ache every morning is gone. I have been using now for about a month. This is my second purchase.

Avatar for Desmond Motloung
Desmond Motloung
January 7, 2023

We like the Necklow Pillow it should come with cover that we can wash for extra cost

Avatar for Fritz Marquardt
Fritz Marquardt
January 3, 2023

Necklow Pillow is exactly what I’ve been looking for.I slept on a pillow like this in a hotel a few years ago. I fell in love with the pillow and looked for one like it when I got home. I have bought several pillows… memory foam, shredded foam, etc.. and always find them uncomfortable.Finally, I found this pillow. It’s perfect for me. The microbeads are just right to give me the support, softness, and flexibility that I need in a pillow. It perfectly conforms to my head. I’m a side sleeper and this pillow supports my head so that I don’t have shoulder pain.It may cost more than many other pillows but, to me, it’s worth it. I’m so glad I finally found what I was looking for!!

Avatar for Dee Howell
Dee Howell


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